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  1. dizzle

    At wit's end with A3000

    I've looked at eBay, new and working units are £30 or so, which I think will probably be a lot cheaper than sending it to Sony.
  2. Right, to give the whole story from the start; I bought a new battery from eBay, opened up the back and fitted it. All quite simple. The next day, I turned on the unit and found that there was something up with the sound through headphones. I opened up the unit again and tried to fix the problem. After virtually taking the entire thing apart, I found that it was a loose connection (one of those flat copper things that has about 15 individual connectors in it), so pushed it back in completely, and closed up the unit again. All was well until I hooked it up to the USB port to try to transfer some new tracks. It will still charge, but the computer isn't 'seeing' it when it's connected to the USB port, and the screen has stopped working all together. I've tried everything I can think of, save for going to the Sony service centre (as I'm too poor right now) Does anyone have any useful input?
  3. I have a large folder of music files that I've downloaded from various sources over the past few months, all in mp3 format. My computer did something odd last week, I'm still not sure what, but the end result is that my E drive is now my G drive and these random files are now in JPEG format, which evidently SonicStage can't do anything with? I can download most of the files relatively easily from the same sources as before, but some of them are extremely rare so will take forever to find again, let alone to download. Can anyone suggest a way to resolve the problem and make then mp3s again? Or why my computer did this itself?
  4. Tried that, but it still reads the new cd as the previous one. Tried clicking on get cd info too, but it comes back with the old information too. Times like this, I long for the days of Connect and having to wipe the player to add anything to it!
  5. Hi, I'm having a bit of bother when I've a pile of CDs to rip. For some reason, the previous cd won't clear from the importing screen so I have to exit the program and open it again to rip another cd. Am I missing something really obvious?
  6. Something that'll identify duplicate tracks. That'd be nice.
  7. It keeps hanging while "Updating Rating Information" (when I say hanging, I mean it gets to 74% and gives up but won't do anything else though the program is still responding). Then, when I shut the program, it wipes the unit. So I have to re-transfer all 4000 tracks (a bit at a time as the program crashes when asked to transfer all) EVERYTIME I want to add something new or delete duplicate tracks. ETA: Turns out I just need to be a lot more patient. It eventually catches up with itself.
  8. dizzle

    tinyhttp error

    Ok, potted history; got the aw3000 about 5 months ago and had used sonic stage for a while, until the update for CONNECT came out and had been using that ever sonce and loving it. Then I downloaded the Grace Note security update and CONNECT hasn't worked since. I've uninstalled it, re installed it from the disc and downloaded the update again, but not the grace note thing. CONNECT isn't working again, it shuts down after a few minutes of running and the error report that come up refers to tinyhttp ver 1.00.... I can't remember the rest right now. I intensely dislike Sonic Stage 4, after using CONNECT for so long, it's shoddy in comparison. What's a girl to do? I'm now the proud owner of a very expensive paperweight.
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