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    Otasj just wanted to say a big thanks for all your hard work, sonicstage stopped working a long time ago on my laptop and without your plugin my nw3000 would be even more crap than it already is. Thank you!
  2. Hello people sorry I've been away on a gambling blowout the last week, I am using 4.3 Roger I can asuure you and I'm not going to start messing about with my mp3s into my root directory because Sony cant be arsed developing professional software, I'm back to using the ml_sony plugin with winamp which is quicker, more user friendly and better for access speed on the unit. Would never buy a Sony product again.
  3. Shinji yes with windows explorer I can see all the relevant folders such as 'My Music', 'My Videos' and so on, I actually work in an IT capacity myself at my fathers workplace and i cant figure it out, I'm just wondering whether there is some option with in xp to deny access to certain folders but I really cant get my head round this. What do you mean by priviliges exactly?
  4. Hi Shinji thanks for the quick reply, I was out the office yesterday but in all day today. Yeas the path is definitely correct as the archive folders you see there are in the same location as my music my videos etc, even if i check 'C' to import everything on my pc it doesnt pick up my mp3s??? I'm sure I can be the only person with this problem, and even on my work pc it does exactly the same thing, I really can't think what else to do other than as you say dragging and dropping my music.
  5. Hi peeps thanks for the replies. To explain better heres a pic: The word monitor was probably misleading, I literally cannot import this folder through File>Import>Scan Folder>Settings even though it quite obviously exists on my pc, interestingly you will see from the image that 'My Videos' and 'My Pictures' are missing also? Does that make more sense?
  6. A very peculiar problem when trying to transfer tracks from my xp laptop to the nw-3000, when choosing the folders i want sonicstage to monitor it shows me virtually every folder on my pc EXCEPT my music C:documents and settings/andrew/my documents/ then i have a choice of a few folders within my documents but not the default my music folder????? Am I the only person to have this insanely frustrating problem? Weirdly I can add single files from the folder but not the folder itself, sony makes the worst software in the world.
  7. Hey man, just use otasj's ml_sony plugin with winamp, you can download eveything off your nw3000 back onto your c: drive. I wouldnt use anything else for transferring, sonicstage is balls and connect is a total fuckin joke. http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1528
  8. Thats what Im doin, the usb lead plugged into the adapter on the ac outlet but i just get that daft 'connecting' gubbins. I've been using winamp with the ml_sony plugin to transfer cos sonicstage is balls but i doubt thats anything to do with it.
  9. Heres a bizaree thing, I always assumed I couldnt play back tracks from ther nw-3000 while it was charging (ac outlet not pc) but my mate was playing his on saturday night at a party while charging no problem. Mine just says 'connecting' and doesnt play anything? Im seriously regretting buying this thing.
  10. Duff solution for me. I have no genres now and if anything its slower. Re-format and transfer again methinks.
  11. Just wondering why sonicstage downloads album art and copies it to the nwa-3000 when (as far as im aware) it has no capability of displaying it? Surely a total waste of space?
  12. Hey man hows it hangin. Walkman itself is excellent, best player on the market, get the nw 3000 if you can. It does function as a mass storage device yes, and to transfer mp3s to it you have to use either sony connect, sonicstage or winamp (with the otasj plugin). Winamp is fastest. Cant display .txt files. Hope that helps!
  13. Heres a funny thing I hadnt noticed (and havent seen anywhere else yet), after plugging my nw-3000 into my pc today i was aked if i wanted to use full sync or manual for this device, i had previously used connect, then the winamp plugin and finally sonicstage but now it seems windows media player 10 is compatible with the walkman! Please feel free to berate me if this is old news but i hadnt seen it posted anywhere and thought it might come in handy. In saying that wmp is crud so.......
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