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  1. Hi I have a MZ-NH900 md recorder and bought a new sennheiser cx300 earphones. I was using sony mdr-e818lp earphones before. I couldnt get a better performance form cx300's, in fact they are much better than the sony ones. Cx300's have lots of bass some i had to lower the bass frequencies from the equaliser. I couldnt get a live, great sound from cx300 earphones. The sound is not live when i raise the treble. It sound like a poor earphones. Can you please help me about equaliser settings? Or does anyone use the same combination? (MZ-NH900 AND CX300) Which setting should i use or do you use? Thanks Regards
  2. spy1983


    Hi Maybe your unit (MZ-NH1) can be a european crippled model so it doesnt produce loud sound on the same level like 14/15 like the other units, non european models. I have a MZ-NH900 and also mine is european model. I always listen on 29/30 with mdr-e828lp earphones. But i have the same problem i think there is a distortion when i turn the volume up to 30. And also i couldn't get used to eq settings. I can't get any ambient or warm with eq? It seems it sounds flat. I think virtual surround mode studio mode is better than the eq settings. Can you recommend me a eq setting with high bass? Thank you
  3. When i change my unit from european version to another version, will anything else change other than the 5mw output power? Also can you please write do you use eq settings or virtual surround setting and which presets do you use or prefer? Thanks
  4. Thank you for your all replies. I have the European version of MZ-NH900 i think its output power is 3mw+3mw i didnt understand why did they do something like that... The other versions have 5mw+5mw... Is there any way to increase the output? A custon eq or virtual surround mode which one is better do you think? When i adjust eq, because of the output power i think the volume is not that much.
  5. I bought a MZ-NH 900 last week. After that i bought a sony mdr-828lp earphone today. I like the sound of my md but i am just trying to find best sound. I usually use surround studio mode i think it is the best in the modes. When i turn volume up to the end a distortion begins i think. Is there a best sound that i can catch with eq or is there any suggestions or which mode is better in your opinion? And is there a eq setting equal to Sony's Megabass? Which earphone is better for hi-md units? Thank you
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