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  1. It really does look like a sweet unit.... I am very tempted, I just wish I knew for sure (either way) whether Sony (or anyone else) was planning to release a Hi-md deck. Ohh...and yes, much better price then Audiocubes.
  2. My girlfriend works for an airline and recently had a stop-over in Hong Kong. I said to her that if she had the chance, to go into a couple of shops and see if she could get some nice blank minidiscs for me. So she went to three different shops and got the same response from all of them. "No, no....minidisc no more...they don't make anymore...everything ipod now...you want to buy ipod???" Kind of ironic, seeing that the new RH1 has just been released in Japan. Sign of the times I guess....such a shame.
  3. A huge thanks to the pair of you for making this review happen. It was a fantastic read...I can't wait to get mine!!! Cheers
  4. Looks cool dude....well done!!! If only Sony had done something similar....what might have been...
  5. whams

    MD Label makers

    Yeah, thats what I use...I also use the exPressit MD labels as well...can't complain, I think the combo works very well indeed.
  6. Although I wasn't sure for sure...I had suspected as much. This is the reason I have my entire music collection on an external hard drive in wav format. I rip all my cds to wav using 'Exact Audio Copy' and then import the folders into Sonic Stage....works really well. I am sure audio codecs will come and go in the future...having all my tunes in wav lets me move with the times too, should I desire...whilst my 'starting point' will always be the same (wav) Plus when I run my tunes through my main stereo, I certainly didn't want to be listening to compressed audio of any kind....saving in wav was really my only option here (I didn't want to be tied down to atrac lossless or any other lossless for that matter....wav will always be...and if you have the space, why not?) Cheers
  7. If I can find a service manual to one of the Onkyo units, I will most likely get one and just install one of these : http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/pc/BDE-DI...l-Modules/Sound . I have done this before to a denon (mini component) cd player I have, with good results. If your solderinig skills are not too bad and you have had a little experience with audio electronics (and can read a schematic), then installing one of these digital output kits is not that big a deal. Only trouble is, you need to be sure that you are able to do this successfully as it will certainly void your warrenty...just taking off the lid on most audio components voids warrenty. I guess the question is : do I go ahead and do this or do I wait some more to see if Sony does come to the party and release a hi-md deck? Having a digital output (coax preferably) is very important to me as I want to run the deck through an external dac that I own, so I can get the best possible playback. Decisions, decisions.......
  8. I agree with everything you just said....nice one! As a 'audiophile' (home audio is my first love), mp3 makes me cringe! Atrac is certainly much more dynamic! I usually transfer all my tunes @ 352 And yeah, I would only buy a Hi-MD deck if it has digital out so I can run it through a decent DAC
  9. Yeah, I agree. I use my MD units for about 75% playback and 25% recording, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I think it is great that one unit can playback and record and do both very very well. I have absolutely no need or desire to get a mp3 player...why would I? My MD's playback is great. I love having removeable media...creating compilation disc etc. You can fit a hell of a lot of tunes on a hi-md....much more then I would need in any one 'session' so having a '20 gig' mp3 player seems crazy to me....sure you can fit a huge amount of music on that...but I have my entire music collection on an external hard drive anyway (in wav format...approx 600 cds)and I enjoy making new discs (transferring accross from sonic stage) when required. Different discs to suit different moods etc etc....works for me! It doesn't make sense to me to have a minidisc for recording only and a mp3 player for playing back when a hi-md player/recorder does both exceptionally well
  10. I think the EH1 is the best looking unit also. I just got a brand new one (a black one) off ebay recently but that cost me $350.00 Australian dollars. I like the 'gen 1' units the best (I have no gen 2 units) as they seem to have all the features of the gen 2 units (well except mp3 playback but I for one don't want or need that anyway) and are smaller! The likes of the DH10P are just to big and bulky for my liking...afterall this is 'portable' audio we are into....for me, the smaller the better. I always use remotes so not having any screen on the unit is not a big issue for me. Yeah, I am really happy with the EH1....looks fantastic, sounds fantastic....a great little player Cheers
  11. Hey cool....I just tried the toothpaste method of removing scratches on my rm-mc38el remote that came with my nh900. I had a few little scratches on it and one that was slightly more noticeable then the rest. After the toothpaste trick...all gone! Well, unless you really, really go looking for them and even then you can only just make out the largest of the scratches that I had. Thanks a lot
  12. Hi Guys, I've been 'lurking' here for a little while now and thought it was about time I made my first post. I have just received the newest member of my minidisc family - a black eh1. Mangaged to snag a new one of ebay recently and I am impressed. I can't believe how thin it is! It looks very elegant and stylish. I now find myself in the same predicament I was in when I got my nh1 - it looks too damn good to use....I don't want it to get damaged! Oh, how I love my minidisc units....if they ever do release gen 3 models....I'm going to have to get one. Till then, my eh1, nh1 & nh900 will keep me statisfied. Great site guys... Cheers all
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