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  1. Thanks for the tip. Simple Burner does indeed work. I had tried retitling in Simple Burner after transferring from SonicStage, but the trick is that you have to save a blank title to the disk, and then re-enter it. Seems obvious in retrospect.
  2. When I manually enter track titles in SonicStage, they usually don't display correctly on my Onkyo md-133 deck. It just shows a couple of random letters. It works fine when the titles are automatically filled in using CDDB. Does anybody know about this and how to fix it? Thanks, Mark
  3. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en
  4. Atrac Lossless would be more useful if you could transfer to minidisc in PCM (without saving as a wav file). I can't figure out why they wouldn't have that feature.
  5. If I rip using the 352K option and then convert to 256K during transfer, will that give worse sound than if I ripped using 256K?
  6. When I press the button to raise the volume on my RH10 unit, it often activates the search, as though I pressed the search button, but it's not just fat-fingering. Has anybody else had this problem?
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