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  1. Jim

    Sony A series HDDs

    I think that awawsSteack raises a valid point. Could you go on, awawsSteack?
  2. I believe your options are: burn it, bury it or dump it.
  3. Yes, I unintentionally ripped them as WMA lossless. I have ripped another album as Variable Bit Rate and, after using the advanced tag editor to add the art to each song (why oh why isn't this automatic) I am getting cover art on my walkman on that are playable. SUCCESS! Add conversion to the list of things that can separate you from your cover art.
  4. Hmm. Interesting development. I just tried telling WMP not to convert my files and after synchronising, the cover art showed up properly. Unfortunately, I get the message "Cannot play; file format is not supported"
  5. Prankz: My music was ripped using Windows Media Player and I transfer it to the walkman using the Sync feature. Bob123: Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried this without success. The cover art has always been visible in WMP ever since it was first ripped. I also added it in the advanced tags editor. I am trying to get this to work without reripping. Am I not being realistic? When you were experiencing this problem, was the cover art visible in WMP before you used the advanced tags editor?
  6. I have seen lots of posts all over the internet about people having problems getting cover art to display on a NWZ using WMP 11 when the art did dsiplay in WMP. I haven't seen anyone (who had the art displaying in WMP but not on the walkman) who could fix the problem, just people who never had a problem with it. Did anyone who has the cover art displaying in WMP 11 and found that it didn't show up in the walkman find a way to fix this?
  7. Jim

    Memory error...format error

    It should still be under warranty. Get it serviced.
  8. Jim

    NWA3000 mp3 player start up

    Have you tried defraging the walkman from windows? (See other posts)
  9. Jim

    NWD-B100 announced

    Check this.
  10. I use the shuffle by year. I don't actually use the time machine because having the year chosen at random hasn't interested me yet. I also use artist link as an alternative to genre. I have also used artist link to link artists who are actually connected. For example I could link Frank Zappa with The Mothers of Invention or Wings with The Beatles or Kevin Breit with The Sisters Euclid and Folkalarm. (Sorry, I got a little pedantic there) This has required me to maintain the artist link groups manually because. I find that the default groupings can sometimes be arbitrary. One thing I was never clear on was whether there was any difference between "Shuffle All" on the intelligent shuffle menu and selecting all tracks in shuffle mode. Anyone think there's a difference?
  11. Wouldn't surprise me. It's a Sony film. But why not an Aura?
  12. I have never been able to drag album art from the popup window to the album art slot on the album properties window. I get the little red circle with a line through it. I can drag and drop into this slot from other sources though. Has anyone else had trouble with this?
  13. Just to be clear we are talking about the same thing, I mean that if I get a new cd and rip into SS, when I hook up my NWA3000, I transfer the album and it finishes transferring, then it says "updating" and the transfer window refreshes, then it says "updating artist link info" which displays for (now) 15 minutes. I have disabled the option to go to the internet to fill in missing artist link and release date info when a transfer is done. The artist link info is already on the computer. It just needs to update the walkman. Stuge, are you saying it is normal to take that long (or even longer) just on that one step?
  14. I think I do have auto update off. How do I make sure?
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