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  1. I guess I didnt specify that stuff on earlier post so sorry about that. The problem first started off when one day I was using PC speakers. The sound doesnt come out whether I used earphones or speakers but the Equalizer and display still come out and the track can still be played and can be stopped and stuff. This is the same even if I used different discs. Everything works fine except for the sound...so I'm pretty sure its not the problem with headphones. Btw the unit has been used for about 3 years now so could age be a problem with the unit?
  2. Hi, this is my first post and I'm a complete newb when it comes to MD. The problem I had with the MD MZ-707 Type R only happened a few days ago. When I put a disc in the track can be played and such, but theres no sound coming out! Everything shows up on the display menu but even when the volume has turned to maximum, theres no sound coming out from the unit! I'm pretty sure my warranty has expired by now since I did not buy extended ones but if someone could post a solution that could save me money from sending it to a repairman, then please help! Thanks
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