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  1. Hi guys,

    I just got to the points of launching a Toyota accessory website for our dealership. Just wanted to extend the site here to see if anyone is interested =]


    Any feedback regarding navigation or product line would be appreciated. I'm the first person to attemp this for our company so we're all basically learning as we go haha.



  2. just to get one thing straight: UMD ≠ HiMD in a 'special jacket'

    it is a completely different technology (based on DVD) as opposed to the magneto-optical medium (Hi)MD is

    just because it is a disc it doesn't mean it is the same technology!

    misinformation on my part. i just read the wikipedia files on umd =o

  3. I bet if MD was used as a standard external drive instead of iOmega's "ZIP"... it'd have a more prominant stance today. If Hi-MD was introduced sooner (circa the lifetime of the iOmega JAZZ drive), then that would have been a no-brainer.

    Since MD was pushed toward remaining a portable music only format it wasn't allowed the chance to grow as it could have. I only have one today because I wanted to have something different than every other iHead on the street. Plus the recording aspect is VERY nice. I'm not one to record too many things, but it's nice to know it's possible =O

    Even the PSP people (www.pspmods.com) say MD is crap... and UMD will have the same fate. The ignorance of the moderators (I think it's run by high schoolers? lol) didn't show the global lifespan of MD. Granted it's on a decline now, but it was pretty damn successful for a while (at least in Asia). From what I've been reading, it seems the UMD is basically a modified Hi-MD format. It was encased in that funky casing so discourage homebrew applications being placed on HiMD discs (via md units) and creating a whole new pirating category. Even now, exploits in certain games/older firmwares are allowing pirates to distribute psp games for loading onto memory sticks. If the UMD was kept in a Hi-MD style casing, at least Sony would be selling some Hi-MDs vs just a few lowly memory sticks. =O

    I can't wait for the PS3... I hope it has a MD add-on option =O

  4. I hope Hi-MD is integrated in the PS3 as the memory card device!!! How cool would that be?! Granted, the current build price (rumor or fact?) is at $900 so the substantial loss they are taking probably wouldn't justify adding hundred or so dollars more equipment =P

    Maybe even just including a normal MD disc w/ each game for specific memory and slight expansion possibilities as opposed to a dedicated one for all games... that may also be cool =P Sadly I jumped on the MD market near its (supposed) death, but it's definitely a great item!

  5. I bought a gift for my bro but he wanted a iRiver video player instead... so I have this other unit sitting around. I purchased it new for $230 so I'm hoping to sell it for that price, BUT I'll throw in the extra batteries =D

    I'll post it on eBay for a private auction if anyone is interested ^_^ (eBay id: bovitz)

    Otherwise I'll just have to give it as a birthday present that may confuse many LOL



  6. oops... you're right. it does come w/ a 1350 mah battery... iono x_x i have 6 extra 1400 mah batteries sitting at my house lol... lol...

    I get about 28 hours playback using MP3s when I used the fully charged 1350 mah battery and 1 Sony Stamina Platinum AA battery (got those during a price glitch on amazon lol, 4 packs were only 70 cents each).

  7. did you get the 1400 mah batteries? if so, i heard the md unit will limit it to charge to 370 mah (the battery that came w/ it) so that it doesnt overcharge. You need an external charger to get full usage of the 1400 mah battery. So it's logical if the 1400 mah is only being charged to about 400 mah (about 1/3) so it shows a lot battery.

    Is the battery life similar to a fully charged included battery (370 mah)?

  8. Hey guys,

    Any suggestion on which mic would be best suited for me? It's in no way for professional use... it's just for a hobby of mine. I've been making animated short films and want to start putting in voice-overs. I was thinking of just recording it w/ cheapy headsets on my computer, but the MD would be a lot better in terms of portability and well... PORTABILITY =P

    I've mainly be recording voices in a conference-type setting. I'd also like to record from a far left/far right perspective to give the movie a slight sense of depth. That's the main use of the mic.

    I will also be recording a few concerts (symphonic) so I want to make sure the mic will also be decent for that.


  9. Hi is Me again for those that like to have a head unit with md check this guy on ebay Kyoto-Exports they have alot of models the onli problem is that almost all of them are double din but some times they got some single din i am just waiting so they came up with the HI-MD head units to buy one of those!!! i guess they are just going to come up in Japan!!

    A lot of the manufacturers are starting to abandone mini-discs now... The Fujitsu-Ten (Eclipse) line had a MD available in almost all their 2-DIN units, but only have 1 or 2 available this year... unless all the companies are just waiting for R&D behind an efficient method for Hi-MD integration (The Japanese love efficiency =P )

  10. I got the 14m gumstick and notice the unit is getting warmer recharging them then the recommended 10m

    Seeing that Sony never indicates in the manual that it is ok to use the larger cap battery, although I will use them I wonder now if it is a good idea to charge them in the machine.

    The players will shut off once it charges to the OEM battery size (370 mah I think) so you need an external charger to take advantage of the 1400 mah capacity.

    (or so I've read)

  11. Awesome stuff! I'll keep an eye out... It's just like seeing DDR penetrate the mainstream market (TV) a few years back (first time in King of the Hill when they go to Japan, then in Malcom in the Middle when Hal gets addicted lol).

    I think the episode where the Hills went to Japan had a scene w/ a kid using a MD player (the one the girl daces with since Bobby flaked out).

  12. It started years and years ago... when I didn't have any purchasing power (lol)! My cousin got one and I always wanted one but couldn't afford it (It was 97 or so and I was a freshman in high school). Since it seemed the format was declining, I held off purchasing one... then the NetMD came along and it started getting to me... "buy it! buy it!" but, once again, I couldn't justify the purchase. Once I heard about Hi-MD (sadly just heard about it about 3 weeks ago LOL) I decided to get a unit. I got it from Amazon and bought a bunch of himds from the sonystyle store (I had a giftcard that would've gone to waste...). I just received my unit a few days ago and enjoy it every bit... I haven't listened to music using headphones in quite a while and it's definitely a different experience than hearing it over my speaker system.

    Now I"m hooked and want a deck for the car... I may just head over to Japan to get the MD Lexus unit ^_^ TOo bad we can't order it over here =\ I don't even know if that unit is HiMD... I hope it is...

    and BTW, I'm hooked on Hi-SP256 =]

  13. Record it. Upload it. ;)

    lol how would i record the sound that only happens when it changes tracks from different regions of a disc on the same player it's coming from? =P hahahaha I mean... I can record a voice memo on my phone and transfer etc etc... but it seems like a lot of work for this hour LOL (9:26am PST). I'll probably record it once I get home from work hahahaha

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