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  1. HELP ME! I will even accept phone calls. I must have another one. 716-597-8018. If I can get a red one, I'd be the happiest person on Earth.
  2. The NH1 is the comparison that works for me because, as I said, it's what I own and am actually comfortable with. So, I wanted to know why the RH1 received so much more venom as a player than NH1, because if the difference was just the NH1's remote, which I already own, I could buy an RH1 with ease. I'm looking for another player. I've never seen nor operated an RH10.
  3. Will somebody tell me why the RH1 is such an awful player relative to, say, the NH1, which I use all the time? All I see is the remote, and I already have the NH1. So, I was looking into the RH1. As far as I can tell, its functionality is about the same as the NH1. So, why such venom toward the RH1??? And I'm really starting to get anxious. I feel I should have a backup HI_MD unit I never take out of the box, at this point. I really do believe Sony is verging on discontinuing recorder production.
  4. Actually, my local Best Buy in Washington, D.C. has actually begun stocking regular MDs again. I was stunned, as even the Sony Store in this area has long been officially and proudly bereft of MD items.
  5. Yeah, that would make it like everyone else whose merchandise SELLS!
  6. I live in Washington D.C. The Sony Store nearest me, in Pentagon City, Virginia, no longer carries them or anything that remotely resembles a MiniDisc, let alone a player.
  7. Follow this URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1
  8. That's because one IS more dishonest than the other. In one instance, it is being outright stolen and literally smuggled out of the store. In the other, the culprit is shortchanging the store but has parted with considerable cash for the item and is NOT shoplifting. There is a difference, but they are both morally below board.
  9. I am thoroughly unsurprised, as it seemed highly plausible that part of the thought process driving the RH-1 was releasing legacy recorders from the captivity of format about to shift gears severely. Therefore, placing the RH-1 only where professionals could get it would defeat the purpose.
  10. Fat Muttony, you're certainly objective. Aren't you? lol I smell an RH1 fanatic. There is SOMETHING good about the RH910, right? lol
  11. A440, that is the most appropos response I have read in a long time. LOL!
  12. It's a professional bundle. That is what it offers that a regular RH-1 doesn't. You get it all at once. Convenience.
  13. I have one of these batteries, too, and it works impeccably. Detractors, spend what you will. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my savings wholeheartedly.
  14. I guess what puzzles me the most is that they seem content to let the image of teh brand itself suffer terribly. I have all but accepted that Sony doesn't even have a shot at portable audio until the next big thing happens. Of course, it will likely screw that up, too.
  15. Amen. It just strikes me as appalling that Sony is baffled by its monumental failure in the current U.S. electronics market. It is not rocket science why you are now being murdered by former generic Creativ in addition to Apple. You flatly don't offer as many features, and then you do a limited release of everything. lol This is laughable. With my recent purchase of an NH-1 and an NH900, I figure I have bought myself at least five more years in the format. Plus, my NHF800 is still fully functional.
  16. Somehow I feel we are already looking at them.
  17. Got my NH900 yesterday, Jult 3rd. (NH900 and the NH600D are the only HI-MD units I have owned completely new.) It's superb functionally; but I have to concede it is the least aesthetic of first-generation Hi-MD models, which is no crime against beauty. I like the way it looks, but my NHF800 is much sleeker, much prettier. NH900 is also very bulky, despite its surprisingly low weight. It looks pregnant in those green MD carry cases, whereas NH-1looks anorexic.) In photos heretofore, it had always seemed to me that the NH900 was about exactly as thick as the NHF800. I honestly thought they were essentially the same unit with slight amendments to the appearance of the front. (That was before I learned of the digital amplifier and the aluminum.) That is why I lusted so wholeheartedly after the NHF800 at first. I did, however, think that the NH900 had a much bigger screen than the NHF800, but I was quite wrong. It's interesting that in looking at it, one cannot but see the inspiration for the dynamically gorgeous DH10-P. The unit, of course, has a gorgeous sound. It produces the same unreal level of crispness and emphasis on background instrumentation as the NH1. In fact, it is basically the NH-1 rebadged and devoid of the time-stamp feature. (Of course, it lacks the amazing remote, too, but I have one anyway.) Where it wins is with its more functional native unit operability. The jog dial on the front, the higher number of dedicated buttons, and the one-button record function place it above the NH-1 and NHF800, respectively, in these areas. I have to say that until battery life becomes clear, I expect that the NH-1 be my main unit. It's startlingly small, fitting so neatly in my pocket as to cause me to forget it's there. This is optimal. NH900 is basically the intersection of the NH700 and the NH-1. It has AA capability, though not natively; uses a rarer rechargeable battery; comes with a charging stand; has a digital amplifier; features a jog dial on the unit itself; lacks a backlight; and boasts a one-button record mechanism. I like it a lot, but my main unit will be NH-1. I will use NHF800 when I think I may want to listen to the radio, and I will likely use NH900 sometimes for playback and mostly as an uploader. I will also rotate, depending on which unit is better charged.
  18. Not quite. The argument for buying the disks, rather than spending more on shorter boxes and transparency, is substance over perceived style. Ipod is supposedly style over substance, form over function. Looks ahead of capability. (Frankly, I like the look of the old discs better, as they are more distinct from most legacy disks. Only drawback: makes them look more like floppys and therefore obsolete.)
  19. I meant to say Whereas the NHF800 filled out the case so well, the NH-1. The NH-1 is anorexic. lol I love how thin it is.
  20. The digitial amp gives an overall crisper, more detailed sound. It also adds deeper bass. In tinkering around in the sound menu, I've managed to give my unit just as much bass as my HD5. The HD5 sound is just not as buoyant and has less emphasis on the background instrumentation. My unit is the NH1, by the way. I think you'll love the sound of the RH1. It should be impeccable.
  21. I will first start by saying that I have long aspired to the NH-1. Its design is both spare, alluring, and futuristic. That charging stand always looked so classy in the advertisements. However, I was entirely unware of the NH-1's material, rather than cosmetic, benefits. I always imagined the unit to be about as thick as the NHF800 and heavier, and never realized it was made of metal. As I researched more, of course, I learned the unit's was made of sturdy magnesium and that it featured a digital amplifier. After reading and weighing the possible motivations of Sony and other retailers for Hi-MD's future, I decided that it was necessary to acquire additional working units in the event that they should become less available or discontinued. I weighed getting the NH-1 and the NH900 because either contained a digital amplifier, featured a jog dial or scroll wheel, and were now very favorably priced. Ultimately, I purchased both. The NH-1 is currently in my possession. In accord with the description on Ebay, the unit I received was lightly used, though featured slightly more flaws that I would have expected on the remote screen. Plus, the button for increasing the volume is loosened and thus requires a very hard, longer push to operate. This, however, works to my advantage, as it compels me to be more conscious of how I handle my hearing. The unit was, nonetheless, overall stunningly gorgeous. I was shocked that it weighed about the same thing as a single disk and that it was so remarkably thin. Whereas the NH-1 filled out those green MiniDisc cases as fully as was possible without failing to fit, the NH-1 makes for a much roomier fit. The unit actually manages to be thin enough to be no more imposing in one's pocket than a typical Ipod. It's actually less imposing than previous, thicker generations of that device. Typically, Hi-MD devices create a sometimes unsightly, often annoying bulge. Given that the NH1 precludes this, it will likely take its rightful place as my central portable playback unit. And, so, I need to protect it. I wasted no time cutting the Ipod covers I bought into small pieces appropriate to the remote and unit LCD screens.(I suggest every one else buy these. I also use one to protect my HD5 screen and will be cutting another to fit my NHF800 screen and remote.) To test my unit, I decided to use my white Panasonic earbuds similar to Sony's $39.99 model. These are the headphones I use in my HD5 and thus provide a great comparison. I played Beyonce's "Deja Vu" feat. Jay-Z, a live performance I recorded from the BET Awards with my NHF800. Surprisingly, the NH-1 actually did manage to sound even better, even crisper, and slightly had deeper bass. The same conclusion was reached with other music, including the original version of the said song. Most impressive, though, was the remote's superlative functionality. It is a playback dream, accessing just about every function except recording initiation. The scroll wheel and the remote itself are ergonomic charms, fitting comfortably and perfectly in the hand. Plus, the design of the clip makes it much easier to find a comfortable place on the person to clip the remote without decreasing its accessibility. The backlight facilitates nighttime operation wildly more than the NHF800, which required that I keep the room lighted at night until I was absolutely ready to retire. The principal drawbacks are operation the tiny, multi-function button on the side of the unit. It's a fat-finger nightmare and is therefore rarely touched. I also despise the lack of AA capability, which actually enhances ease of use for recording and playback. The proprietary USB capable is annoying, compelling us to be more excessively reliant upon Sony than we already are and have been. Finally, the unit cannot charge via USB, though it's crade is one of the pretiiest accessories ever to happen to MiniDisc devices. The NH-1 is easily the classiest, most user-friendly (because of the full-featued remote) Hi-MD device I have ever handled. The sound is stellar and unsurpassed. I imagine it is, as packaged, to playback as the RH-1, as packaged, is to recording. I love it and plan to secure a warranty on it as soon as I finish posting this. PS: I feel so awkward now trying to decide which device to use. lol NW-HD5, NHF800, MZ-NH1, and (next week) NH900. When I have my messenger bag and am driving, the NH-1 actually surpasses the NW-HD5 for convenience. More easily navigable, lighter, and smaller, the MZ-NH1 increases my portable experience in this circumstance. When I just have my messenger bag and am walking, it rivals the NW-HD5 in convenience, but nothing can compete with never having to stop to change disks. Sonically, I prefer it to the NW-HD5 easily. It highlights the vocal and fainter instrumentation on a track much better. It has a more spatial effect, making it seem as though the listener were surrounded by speakers in large room with great acoustics. It just sounds more buoyant, whereas the HD5 seems more bassy. I can't even tolerate some of the surround presets on the HD5. For battery life, the NHF800 is the clear winner,%
  22. I can't believe people are acting as if anything from the first generation could possibly be worth owning. lol j/k I just got my NH1 yesterday and will probably post my review tonight. I would have been able to review my NH900, too, but I had the misfortune of not being home for the delivery guy. I will say that I love the NH1. One thing I find to be true of all Hi-MD players is that they're too loud. I don't recall the 600D being too loud, but all the others I have owned leave me shocked at how little of the volume bar is filled in during comfortable play. Hi-MD would not only be foolish, but painful and intolerable at its highest volume. Both my players (and I'm sure NH900 will be no exception)are much louder than my NW-HD5.
  23. I just think it's rather presumptuous for both of you to answer that as if I didn't know. If I didn't know, I would have asked. I just want to take this time to thank myself for figuring this out. LOL! I am just kidding, you guys. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for stopping me from sending the unit to Sony USA and paying for the shipping or putting the seller out of the way. I just had a PLATINUM blonde moment. I will take the time to review the unit properly tomorrow. I had a work order number and everything. I was so upset. I have an outdoor concert July 6th.
  24. Thanks, Jaylen. You care about me. I really believe I have either a defective unit or battery, and I have e-mailed the seller directly and used Ebay to contact him. I am awaiting the response, hoping he will be cooperative in order that I avoid having to do the whole bad feedback/reporting deal.
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