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  1. Hello Folks! I have the following problem: Our PC is going to be replaced, because it is just too old by now. At the moment I am using Sonic Stage 4.0. If I install Sonic Stage on the new PC, will it still be possible to transfer songs on my NW-A3000 or must I reset my player and start all over again? :-( What can I do???
  2. I checked... it was "Normal-Mode" Thx
  3. Here is what i did: I chose a Album and went to Track 4. After listening a few seconds I decided to listen all the tracks an pushed the <--Button till I reached Track 1. After the 3 first Tracks it turned off. I'm actually not sure if it really turned off, or if it was just paused. I pressed play and it went on with the next Track. (It happened right after the track was finished.)
  4. Hi there! My Sony NW-A3000 (Firmware 3) turned off between two Tracks, without me doing anything. Has anyone experienced similar problems? What is the cause for this? Thanks for your help!
  5. Could anyone give me some more information how one has to that? Well, download the programm and then? Sry, i'm not a computer expert...
  6. Oh... that's a pity... Anyway thanks for your help and for your kind words.
  7. Hey Everybody My dad is owner of a Sony CD Walkman D-NE300 and would like to know if there's a way to make it louder. T Thx for your help!
  8. Ok. So it will not be anywhere else or so using Space? Because imagine it would happen more often: No Album on it, but lost Space on my harddisk.
  9. Hi Everybody. I recently bought the NW-A3000. I'm actually quite happy with it, but yesterday i noticed something. One CD wasn't on my Player. I am pretty shure that I ripped it and transfered it. (I always erease everything out of my libary, I don't have enough space) Has anyone experienced a similar Problem? (I use Sonic Stage CP 4.0 and i updated my firmware to 3.0) And what I really want to know, cause i'm absoluteley no specialist: Could it be, that the CD is somewhere on the device but just not applicable? That would mean that it's on it, but I will never be able to erease it without killing the hard disk of the player. Thx for your Help! Crow
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