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  1. Any way - SS has a lot of problems processing mp3 files. Is it a bug, made by programmers mistake, or it made to make users not to use mp3 files?
  2. I`ve spend a lot of hours to search the net over this type programs. In the end I use SS, which has the "Print label" menu point disabled. I found that it want to some of Sony`s graphic program installed on PC to activate that menu. Is there any download link where I can get PictureGear, DigitalPrint or LabelMaker? Google returns nothing. P.S. I`ve read all of topics about MD labeling on this forum, but no one method does it simple. I don`t want to type all of my MD content by myself - it will be much more easier to transfer the list from SS, what Sony`s software exacly does.
  3. It seems that SS does not accepts 160kbps coded music files (e.i. mp3). I`ve the same problem, and after transcode files to 128 kbps the problem was gone. Try to get lame.exe for decode mp3s to wav and encode them back to mp3 with different params. Sometimes lame returns header (or something) errors. Then you should to decode mp3s to wav using madplay.exe - it does all work without errors. When you got your wav file, encode it into mp3 back with 128 kbps with -h param on (higher quality). In the end try to import resampled mp3 to SS again - it should work. You can import wav file also, but it reduces your hdd space by 10 ).
  4. ml_pmp does not supports any of Sony device. (
  5. yea... but there is no way other. Dino`s method requests to mount created image software, and software to burn this image. It is possible to make all of them in a one programm, but it is a huge work ).
  6. Anyway, I`ve compared sound recorded by SS (on my mzn707) with sound recorded using Dino`s principle - they are not seems different. SS decodes my mp3s direct to MD, while Dino`s type recording transcodes mp3s to wav first, and then NetMD Simple Burner transcodes WAVs to MD. Using second method I`ve no DRM restriction and much more titling capabilities, while SS transfers only track Titles. For example, I had to spend about 10 minutes to edit track titles (made by SS in 'Title' maner) make them in "Artist - Title" like maner. Is there any other method to do this less problemly?
  7. Thanks to all for help. I`ve founded, that music recorded from any PC by SS can not be deleted by player, but can be deleted on any PC has SS installed on. Still thinking... continue to use Dino`s process, or start to use SS.
  8. Hmm... Can it be because of some codec missed on your system? Maybe you should try some of new codec packs (K-Lite for example).
  9. After installing and some using of SS I`ve discovered that: 1. I can transfer songs from my PC to MD as many times as I want 2. I can edit titles of tracks on MD transfered by SS 3. I can reorder tracks positions 4. I CAN NOT DELETE tracks recorded by SS using my MD player, I can delete them only using SS are all of these right? And there is one question more: Can I delete SS recorded tracks on any PC has installed SS? or it`s possible on PC I have recorded from only?
  10. I think the problem is in type of your player. NetMD (not Hi-MD) does not support transfering to PC. Maybe I`m a lamer ).
  11. Hi all. I`m just another minidisc user from Ukraine. I`ve bought my MZ-N 707 3 years ago and it still works fine. I have to use Paolo`s M3u2sb program to record my music, because I hate Sony`s programs and it's copyright protection bla bla bla. Paolo`s program works just fine, but it has some interface problems and not so usable as it need to be. So I deside to write my own program. I`ve find source code of Paolo`s program on his site, and after 2 weeks working on my Delphi IDE I`ve compiled a new program. It still uses Dino`s prinsiples, but now, in my program, this process more transparent for user. It uses Lame codec to convert mp3 files to image, and it uses Net MD Simple Burner 1.0 to record minidiscs. Inteface of my program is very simple - left window contains your songs (Drag them to this window, or simply add by clicking button), right window contains images, ready to burn by NetMDSB. Simply drag songs from left window to right one and songs you dragged will be automatically converted to image-compatible. Then mount your image and run NetMDSB. I`ve attached my program in Zip archive, so extract it anywhere oyu want it on your system. You must to have Daemon Tools installed, and NetMD Simple Burner as well. Program will not work without this two program. Any suggestions, bug reports and comments write to creage@mail.ru , or UIN 59153059. TO DO: I`m going to make independent recording interface without NetMDSB. Program will work on Dino`s prinsiple, but you will not use NetMDSB any more - just one program, not couple of them. I`m working on this. Sorry for my English, it is not as well as I want it to be ). Minidage_1.0.zip
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