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  1. hi, just selling off some of my older mini disc units i am selling my sharp md-mt80, it runs off one AA battery and still plays, see photo please pm me with an offer if you are interested
  2. hi, just selling off some of my older mini disc units i am selling my mz-e25, it runs off one AA battery and stil plays, some minor surface scratches see photo please pm me with an offer if you are interested
  3. your reasonings are rather insulting and hinge on my comment about the legacy uploads. i have got a lot of legacy mds which i uploaded. this took some while and i have been using the player as normal until i finished the legacy uploads. i have written quite a few threads at head-fi on the rh1. the rh1 has been treat well and has no scratches and if some moron suggests otherwise then he is wrong, if you looked on the pic you would actually see that i have even put a screen protector on the display, and why the hell would anybody pm you about the condition of my player. any normal buyer would have pmed me for more details. and there is also the issue of the price, you think it was low, so there has to be something wrong with it. just shows you know nothing about economics and prices. i know what i can charge for a quick sale. i sell a lot of things on amazon with a 100% record, everybody at head-fi is also happy, so don't go f**king people over, when you have no real facts to support yourself. suspicion is ok but do it in a nice way, i.e. dear astranovus, you indicated you were using the rh1 for legacy uploads, it has come to my attention that from your head-fi sig that you also used it as a portable, did this cause any wear on the rh1? instead of: astranovus you used the player for legacy uploads, so you must have left it besides your pc all day and it's really weird your sig at head-fi says you used it on the run, guess i caught you lying, bet your trying to f**k us all, plus you have withdrawn the player before in essence you completely high-jacked my thread and my sale on mcdf. other forums like head-fi would not tolerate thread high-jacks like yours. my offer was sincere and great value for money, you have prob deprived somebody of a good offer
  4. @ jonny, thanks for your comments. i was also quite shocked by the negative attitude towards me in the forum. i have sold the player to a german youngster in the german minidisc forum. www.minidiscforum.de i do have to say that people were very nice over there. in essence mdcf is more knowledable than the german forum but the etiquette in the german forum is top notch, but then again you need to be able to speak german. after selling the rh1 i think my mini disc ride is over after 9 years, hdd players are just to convenient, especially the transfer speeds. i've still got some old vintage md players, an old sharp portable recorder and a sony portable player only flying around, might part with them at some point, i hope md still remains a niche for years to come and you never know, perhaps the all awaited blu-ray capactiy disk based on mini disc technology might still emerge, revitalising md, after all sony did employ mini-disc technology in its sony psp umd format.
  5. yes, all of the accessoiries are there, plus an extra battery and 5 hi mds, the euro cap is slightly quieter than the jap version, 4.5w compared to 5w, the hack for this is flying around on the net, i didnt bother using it why are you high-jacking this thread? if you don't want to buy then leave it. i'm not forcing you too. as i have stated the player is in mint condition. i've used it in a normal fashion up to now and now that i have uploaded all of my large legacy collection I want to sell it. what has that got to do with honesty??
  6. its in mint condition, comes with 5 hi mds and two li-ion batteries, i bought an extra one
  7. i used it for uploading legacy mds. plus i've just acquired a new hd5, which suits my needs better as i never record
  8. sorry pal, thx for moving my initial post
  9. hi, i need to quickly raise some cash for an upcoming holiday trip, i have got a 4 week old rh1 that i bought at a sony centre in the uk, it's in mint condition with an original receipt, it's also has a uk and continental power plug the player comes with 5 hi-mds!!! if anybody is interested please pm me and i'll put some photos up and answer any questions cheers astranovus
  10. please look at my ph1 pic i haven't got a very close seal between the lid and player, particularly where it says "display menu" is this normal, as i think it will let dust in, if no other rh1 users have the same problem, then i need to get a new unit
  11. hi this might be a stupid question, but i have installed a turtle beach audio on my laptop, i am using the spdif output stream and have connected it to my mz-rh1 via an optical cable, i have pressed pause on the digital recording facility on the rh1, now does this mean i am using the rh1 as a quality dac when i connect my headphones to the line-out via an amp? plus when i pause the digital recording, is the laser burning or in standy-by i don't want to wear the laser out unnecessarily thx for your help cheers astranovus
  12. who else thinks that sonic stage 3.4 is a superb programme? i have converted all my music into atrac lossless and sonicstage 3.4 works beautifully with my sony nw-a3000 and e-407. the transfer speeds on usb 2.0 are fab. SS has never crashed on me, the only downside is it keeps the CPU pretty busy when converting. this setup is so good that i think i won't bother getting the rh1,as i'm mainly in the market for mp3 playback. what are your thoughts? plus the merits of atrac lossless and it's adavantages with MD and all the other sony flash-based players in my eyes needs to be propagated. sony didn't cock up on SS 3.4
  13. the iaudio x5 can record in mp3 in very good quality, if i am not mistaken MD is now officially dead according to sony http://www.minidisc.org/sony_quits_minidisc.html
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