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  1. i think your hearing is bad and your headhpones definitly suck. it might even be possible that your bookshelf system isnt that good either. lp4 is only good for speech and 48kbps even more so. use hi-sp, lp2, or old sp, or pcm for music. it should be relly easy to hear the difference.

  2. Hi. I need to buy a used sony mx-r55. I need one to record my kids singing songs in the car. I was trying to use my spare sony mz-n707 but it makes terrible recordings compared to my broken r55. i think i paid $35 for the last one. I dont need any of the accessories. Thanks. BILL

  3. you can use sonic stage 4.3 downloaded from here and transfer "fake sp" through usb and it will play on all your old units but the sound quality will be downgraded to lp2 quality. the tranfer is slow. it takes about 35 min to transfer an 80 min disk but its still faster than real tiem and it does transfer the track names too. there are no longer any restrictions on how many transfers you can make and you can set sonic stage to delete the tanscoded files after they are sone being transered so you dont use lost of hard disk space.

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