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  1. Back when minidiscs were popular i purchased some racks unfortunately most were racks where you slot the minidiscs in indivdiually. So i made my own rack to store unused 5 and 10 packs, i posted it on the minidisc community forums but it seems the post never made it here during the merge. My minidisc rack
  2. Hey guys just thought i'll let you know that i am now able to charge my nh1 with the cradle i purchased from ebay. It was the cradle only so i still required an ac plug, luckily my mz-n10 plug was suitable. Happy days.
  3. NEW Orange RH10 Very very nice indeed, who's prepared to pay that much for it...
  4. MD 2000 Was put on ebay...did anyone here buy it? I thought it would have had more bids....then again i notice the seller did not add the word minidisc anywhere in their auction or maybe because it wasnt sealed?? In any case a bargain price compared to what i had to pay for mine
  5. Yes, we have the same addiction...i keep my blanks sealed Yes gotta have em all..we at least all the pretty ones
  6. I didn't think you would have opened it hehe. The minidisc looks great, you have also taken a very nice shot of it - deserves to be put in the pictorial page. Its been a while since someone has added pictures to it.
  7. Recently traded with Levanel, great communication throughout. Got package in a week, all too easy. Thank you - look forward to dealing with you soon.
  8. Great to deal with, excellent communication throughout. Very very happy with the trade . Look forward to making more trades in the near future.
  9. Hey guys well i purchased the cradle for the nh1 (the cradle does not come with any power lead), hope it turns out well ...if not i may be using my rh1 as a recharger for both units until i can find another alternative
  10. Yes no ebay fees woot! Guys i got this item on the same day it was put up for sale. We meet up and it was all good, great item it feels so good in your hand. Only thing i need to do is buy a charger (going to purchase one on ebay haha) but i also need the power cord/plug lead. I have the n910 and mz-n10 cradles and power cord, i wanted to know if any of these power cords will suit the nh1 - based on pictures i think (hope) the end tip of the n910 would fit into the nh1 cradle which has the skinnier pin plugin?? If anyone could confirm or supply the model number for the power cord of the nh1, it'd be much appreciated. If all else fails i'll get a stand alone charger, i assume the cradles only function is for charging as i can connect to the pc with the usb cables. Cheers, Sami
  11. Cool i'd buy it. I'm also in Sydney Aus
  12. Yeah minidisc blanks are going to ridiculous amounts these days, in saying that i hope my blanks will generate a fair amount after i've done some trading i'd be looking at selling on ebay.
  13. You will see the design label is placed just below the [eksesiv], in this case this particular design is alien rock . The discs you have is the standard design of the xs-iv series and does not have any design label.
  14. Hi Lev, for the moment i wish to keep all items available for trade only for the discs i have requested in my original post. I am however interested in your sealed barcode 3 pack , i will get back to you soon. Sfbp, yes there are a couple of different designs in the xs-iv line. I believe i have them all if i do not The one up for trade is the ministry of sound design. I like these minidisc designs so much that i have them stuck to my wall, here's a blurry pic of it lol (pics of these disc can be found on the pictorial page - though no Ixkun design)
  15. Hi figure you guys could help me out, i'm looking to get my hands on 1 black and 1 white sealed maxell monotone blanks as well as the maxell music gear (pack in a candy bar like wrapping). I unfortunately did not purchase these blanks back in the day when they were readily available, so i come here in hope that someone here is up for trade. Below are links that will direct you to the minidisc blanks i own and are available for trade (i hope a few there will gather some interest - and that we can work something out that we both deem reasonable for trade). Minidisc packs Minidisc singles Cheers, Sami
  16. Wow, you must have a lot of bit club designs . On the other side there is a blue disc with a silhouette telegraph pole, ive seen them on ebay - sold in packs of 3 - though auction has ended. I find it quite difficult to purchase designer blanks on ebay - if that 4 pack was ever put on auction id say you'll be spending a hefty sum for it (isn't that right lonely? )
  17. I wouldn't call them ultra rare, unless all ten are different designs from the xs-iv series if thats the case buy them! However i think they are all the same design as shown on the box cover - the design on the cover of the box is of the standard/plain design in the series. Minidiscs are going for crazy prices on ebay at the moment - esp for those labeled "rare" - well some truly are rare. If he were to only auction of one box at a time (with no buy it now) i think the price would go higher than the BIN price . Hes got a listing for 3 PROFESSIONAL RECORDABLE MINIDISCS RARE SONY PRMD-74 i want to purchase but i think the price is a little high - when i include shipping to Aus .
  18. Yes you're right, that particular WA disc is my one of my favourite mindisc design - plus it suited the black. Erm i've been collecting for a few years off and on for up to 6 years....been lucky to grab some of the rare discs back in the day. Since making this rack its motivated me to purchase more and more blanks i think i could easily fill up another 320 rack. Starting to think i should have made a giant one like yours - great job btw and i'm sure it will look awesome once its filled up. I won't pay you out about your messy room i took my rack out to the nice clean lounge room for the snaps, the state of the room its currently in now is another matter Below is a storage rack that i found in an asian dollar shop - in their craft section. They displayed the rack with teddy bears and dolls, i had a feeling that this particular storage rack could easily hold minidiscs. Bought one and i couldn't believe how perfect it was for minidiscs - of course i went back and purchased all that was there. You will see that this rack inspired me to make the 320 rack (basically i copied the design and vamped it up to hold more than 60 disc).
  19. Lol nice comments haha, well i threw my cat in the shot to show some scale. People who don't know what minidiscs are think the rack i made is HUGE. Hehe, notice the Sony blanks on the very bottom. Must be the most boring of the collection - yeah those blanks are there for weight only I only have about 200 other minidisc blanks outside of the picture - i started collecting late - rather i was to young and was not able to afford any back when they were some what popular. Also i sold of most of my used minidiscs when i no longer had any use for them, my house was robbed - believe this the thieves took 2 md recorders and 1 player but did not take a single minidisc blank LOL which would have devastated me more. I currently do not own a minidisc unit however i still collect the blanks. I hope to get my hands on a himd unit. If any one wants specs of how to make the rack i will post in this same thread soon, very simple its like connecting a 3d puzzle - so you can easily disassemble and reassemble.
  20. Hey guys i just finished making this minidisc rack out of foam core board. Boards with slits that join together. Each box can hold ten (320 in total). Took about 5 - 6 hours to make. Thread made to show of rack that i spent hours on - however some will enjoy the minidiscs that are on the rack. Can anyone guess what design i ripped off (blue/teal feature i applied to the minidisc collection sign) No prizes for anyone who guesses correctly lol. Please post any pictures of your own DIY racks/storage ideas.
  21. Well heres all the stuff i collected over the years, at first i collected minidisc blanks and then it when to accessories such as cases. I managed to get my hands one some special items. My fav case would be the red one, i like the "md is sony"slogan and the minidisc logo is embossed. I haven't seen any other case like this around.
  22. Ah more pingu disc, i want them I didnt know another set existed. Glad we have this pictorial section .
  23. Yes the pingu disc are cute,i wanted these pingus since i was 14/15 i dont think i'll be opening these discs any time soon. Maybe went i'm old and grey . I'd like to see these discs without their cover, curious to know what colour if any is used for the back. If anyone has additional info regarding these discs please do share.
  24. I hope the ixkun disc will be uploaded soon..i would love to see it without the seal.
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