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  1. I've been on an Olimpic (Greek company) and on a Kuwait airlines planes this week and no problem at all playing PSP except during take off and landing of course. It seems Alitalia is the only company bothered by PSP
  2. Thanx for all replies. @ pata2001: I agree it's bull but the bottom line is that it's up to them. Without any official document I can't argue during the flight. In their in-flight magazine they say that all electronic devices not reading a disk are allowed during the flight except during take off and landing, therefore PCs are ok if not reading a CD or a DVD or connected to a printer (...!) and so on. @willykiu: A.L.I.T.A.L.I.A. (Always Late In Take off Always Late In Arrival) is probably one of the worst airlines in the world, also for food. Why flying with them? Because living in Italy sometimes is the only carrier to fly with. Do not worry they not only hate PSP but all stuffs making people happy (may be because they're so unfriendly, unpolite and unprofessional...) so the first question I've been asked was "Game Boy is forbidden, is that device a Game Boy?" so don't bother yourself too much. Anyhow my reaction was to plug my iPod headphones in my ears (hey iPod reads a disk, do they know it?) and start playing with my Treo phone. I'll be flying to Athens on sunday and then to Kuwait so I'll keep you updated on different airlines policies
  3. I was lately flying Alitalia to Rome and happily playing PGA tour on my PSP when a flying assistant told me I couldn't use the device while in the air. I objected no other airlines ever told me I couldn't play but she replied all electronical devices reading a disc are forbidden. I didn't want to argue therefore I neglected the fact the device was hypothetically reading a memory stick and not a disc. Does anyone of you know if there's any link, text or other stuff that enlight the fact I can use my PSP while flying on a plane? Thanx in advance
  4. Thanx a lot. I couldn't find the right file within the japanese site and sony support in europe has not been very helpful
  5. you can pre-order it at www.lik-sang.com also
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