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  1. the price with shipped is around USD250.if you interest it, we can discuss a better price!!
  2. This MZ-EH1 unit from japan. Never been used before. Email for more photos. Unit is in Australia Sydney. Accept bank transfer,paypal or other methods you prefer!!!
  3. hi guys..if you feel not safe doing business with me. that's OK!!^^ I understand your feelings( sending money to someone you I dont really know) too much worrying. what I would say is.. if you really interest dealing with me J-neration, it's all about trust. if you trust me.. semd me the money.. I send you the units..after all we all happy^^
  4. All units will be directly ship from japan via EMS If anyone interest them please contact me on jiajiawang29@hotmail.com I do accept PAYPAL or other payment methods. untitled.bmp untitled.bmp untitled0.bmp untitled5.bmp untitled6.bmp
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