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  1. I have a the same problem as the orignator of this thread. SS 3.4 imported much of my library flawlessly. But one particular folder - with numerous sub-folders and a lot of single files in the root of the folder - crashes it every time. I've tried all the usual import methods, including dragging and dropping groups of individual files into the library. The crashes are consistent, but the files that cause them are random (not a specfic file each time). I get a series of error messages, one of which refers to the fact that SS can't *find* any files, and a memory error, saying it can't write to the drive. Numerous references to these same error messages can be found in various threads on this forum, but no solutions so far. Anyone? I have some 3,000 files left to import, and I haven't even begun to try transferring to disc. So far, SS 3.4 is a real piece of crap!
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