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  1. Hey all, I wasn't going to get another sony. But a local appliance store is selling these starting tomorrow for $79.99 USD. It seems like this samll 8GB would be great for the gym. I ahvent kept up on the newer models. Is this that great of a deal as it sounds? Anyone have problems with these? Here is the link: http://www.abcwarehouse.com/product_catalo...p~prod_id~43806 Thanks Weaves
  2. Instant Classic p.s. why does it automatically reduce my image?
  3. Weaves_


    Juli, I searched this whole thread and noticed something quite odd. Not one single person has even thanked you for raising this awareness. Thank you Juli for bringing this to our attention. However, it may be too late for me. Now that the Zune 2.0 is gapless and plays WMA Lossless-it looks like a better option these days. I will probably keep my HD5 until it dies, then see what players have the features I need at that point.
  4. Stuge, My plan is to stick with ATRAC, but only until my HD5 hard drive goes, and I cannot replace it myself. When that happens, I will probably go with a Zune 80 and WMA Lossless. Unless Sony comes back to gapless and with larger capacities.
  5. Here might be your new answer. A 80gb Zune (now gapless) for only $239. I might join the dark side with this one. http://www.amazon.com/Zune-Digital-Media-P...5178&sr=1-1
  6. Weaves_

    Circuit City-NW815

    Hey all, Starting tomorrow (Sunday April 27) Circuit City will have the 2GB NW815 on sale for $69usd
  7. Good Find Buggy, I want one!
  8. Under Sonic Stage >Tools>Options>Location to saved imported files I think you can transfer from here.
  9. Hello All, I know that Windows Media Player does NOT currently allow for gapless decoding. Has anyone tried to test gapless using something other than WMP to load songs on the new flash players? I know that it is also player dependent, but seems to me, that AAC without using WMP may work. Thanks
  10. A note about Gapless in WMP 11: I can rip a CD to gapless in Windows Media Player 11, even plays back gapless on my pc. However, WMP does NOT allow a gapless burn of that same CD. I wonder if this may have to do with why the new Sony's and Zunes do NOT play gapless?
  11. Debbie, Best of luck on the upgrade. The only thing I notice is that you do have the newer model. Both my models were released prior to 4.3. Let us know if the upgrade fixes your problem. Weaves
  12. Debbie, I have been using SS 4.2 for a while now with no problems. I use it for both my HD5 and e507. Do you mean both players at once? Others may be able to help you with yoiur specific units, since I don't own them, but ss 4.2 can handle multiple players. Good Luck
  13. If only they were gapless!
  14. Here is the link: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/071017/japan_sony_toshiba.html
  15. Weaves_

    S700 on the cheap.

    Thanks All This looked like a great deal. Now I'm worried about the problems. I will probably not buy. Also, do the US FM stations come in on this unit?
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