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  1. Hi Spirit. The top of the columns are in swedish, sorry for that, they will be in english in the next realese. I'm trying to do a que function where you should be able to que and reorganize your mp3:s and then press upload.
  2. Hi. The installation is the same as for ML_SONY see http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1623 except that you dont need Winamp. The things you can do with SWEx is that you can drag and drop from other programs like windows explorer to SWEx to upload MP3:s to your sony device, you CAN NOT download it that way, for downloading you have to do it within the SWEx, for example: you can drag and drop a file from your Sony in SWEx to another folder in SWEx. You can delete MP3:s from your sony by selecting it and press delete. Thats the thing you can do today. Let me know if you have some problem with SWEx.
  3. Hi again. Here is a small update of SWEx, the last realese didn't work on an empty sony.
  4. Hope that the new realese is good, please post what you think about it and if there are any bugs.
  5. Juppe


    There is a new realese of SWEx here http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2114
  6. Hi everyone, here is a small update on SWEx. In this realese I've fixed some small problems from the prev. realese. -The window is now updated when the upload is finished. -There is a progress thing when downloading. The thing I'm working on now is to be able to upload a whole folder with MP3:s and to see them in folders in the same way as in MP3 file manager and to be able to move them from one folder to another. I've removed this files, because it didn't work with an empty sony, there is a new one two posts down.
  7. Hi Renato. Just a little question, what is artist link and how does it work? Can you give a simple explanation on how you use it and how it works in Sonicstage or MP3 filemanager and how you use it in your sony device?
  8. Hi cyano. I'm developing a program like windows explorer, there you will be able to upload and download MP3 files from your sony device, you can search for message posted by me in the forum and you will find some info about it. Hope that it's something you like?
  9. Juppe


    If you look in mp3 file manager you see there is no need of path, because every folder is in the root, so you cant have subfolders and I think that SWEx shall work in the same way. So you can take one folder with MP3:s from your pc and transfer the whole folder to the sony and get the same folder name and all except for the subfolder if there's any, I'm thinking of transfer the subfolders to, but put them in the root of the sony with the prefix "sub" if there's a folder with the same name, is this a god or bad idea?
  10. Juppe


    Hi otiasj. Thanks for the explanation of the database, I did almost figure that out, so now I can go on with the SWEx. The directory names are the TIT2 in the 03GINF01, I think.
  11. Juppe


    Hi everyone. I'm working on SWEx, but I have a little problem right now. I cant figure out how the folder structures works on the walkman, but I think me our someone else will figure that out soon I hope. So until that is fixed I dont think I will do any realese.
  12. Juppe


    Hi otiasj. What I can see in the 03GINF01.DAT-file, the foldernames are in that file, try to change the name of one folder in Sonicstage and compare the 03GINF01.DAT files, the one from before the change and the one from after the change and you will see that that file has change and that the name of the folders are in there. So my problem is how to connect that file with the "mp3" files, so I can present them the same way as in MP3Filemanager. Another thing I've tested is to move files in SonicStage, from one folder to another and when I do that the file 01TREE01.DAT is changed, so the files do keep track of the changes in someway, but I dont know how. Hope you understand what I mean now?
  13. Juppe


    Hi everyone. I've got a little problem, I dont know how to see in the files in the Walkman in which folder the "mp3" files belongs, I've found the file with all the folders, but cant figure out which files belongs to which folder, the folders I mean is the ones you see in MP3Filemanager, I need to know this to be able to make SWEx look like MP3Filemanager, with folders. Hope anyone know how to see this in the files.
  14. Juppe


    This will now be the thread for SWEx until someone who can create a new topic for SWEx.
  15. Thanks Renato. My ambition with SWEx is to make it just like windows explorer in the first place, so the extra functions like those you want maybe will come in some later realese, but I'm not sure.
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