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  1. hi, thank you for your help. now one thing, i checked out bhphoto.com and came to know that they do ship to india. but do u think that its advisable to buy it from them? you think i will get it proper condition? because its to be shipped to india all the way from USA. and i might get it shipped by UPS. because i tried with amazon.com also but they dont ship to india. nor do sony's official website. so i thought that i will ask some friend to get it for me who will visit USA in near future. but if some website like bhphoto.com is shipping it in india in safe and proper condition than its fine. so should i go for it or ask someone to get it for me as that would be safer? thanks
  2. hi. thanks for ur help. ok now one more thing. what if i keep my live recordings on the MD's or Hi-MD's only. are they safe to keep there itself or i need to take back ups on CD's? because i want to keep it safe for years to come..maybe 10-20 years. so will it be safe on the minidiscs itself? actually i am a composer and i need to record my songs for my future reference. and a song which i have recorded today might be used after few years also. so i need a very reliable device. also the RH910 and RH10 are having 5 lines display and the RH1 is having just 1. so which one would be better? will i be able to find my files from different directories easily if i buy RH1? and also when i see the sony website, they have a bundle offer for RH910 model with a mic which is some ECM-MS907 and 5 HI-MD discs with it for $299.89 . so is it a good option or should i go for some other mic? and one more thing, i have been told by bob on this page only that the RH1 is the flagship model of MD fleet right now...so is it the best and the one to get if i dont mind a few extra bucks? but the only thing concerns me is the one line display. rest is good. so help me out here to make a decision. thatnks once again.
  3. Hello guys, I am parag from india. i am a musician and i require a good digital recording device which is reliable and durable. and i thought MD player would be a good option but i could not decide on which model to go for. i am a complete novice when it comes to MD players as i have never used them before. but after some searching on the net i thought that sony's MZ-RH910 would be a good buy. but now i just read about MZ-RH1 which is coming soon. so can anyone please help me out here. i dont know which one should i go for. i require it for my live recordings. so can please anyone help me out here and tell me what is the difference and which is better and why? and also will i be able to recorde in .WAV format and playback it properly. because i read somewhere that i cannot play .wav files directly. it requires some conversion which is to be done on pc before playing it on the MD player. is it possible to play it directly without converting it to any other format? and which model would do a better job? and also i see that the RH1 model has only single line oled display compared to 5 lines on RH910 model. so which is better and also will it be possible to find files easily on RH1? so can anyone please help me out here and help me make a decision and explain the pros and cons of both models and also which one should i go for. also none of the model is going to be available here in my country, india. so i have to order it from USA. i am going to ask someone who can get it for me who is going to visit US soon. so please help me out as soon as possible. thank you and your help will be really appreciated.
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