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  1. I love the remotes. One of the reasons I still use MD. Love laying in bed and easily changing tracks with a little flick on the RM-MC40ELK
  2. I have owned the NH1, NH3d, EH1 and RH1. I prefer the sound of the NH1 the best odd considering the NH1, EH1 and NH3D all share the HD Digital Amp branding...
  3. No problem http://www.sony.jp/walkman/products/NW-ZX1/spec.html
  4. What are your thoughts The NW-ZX1 will have ATRAC support and will be from Japan - Will it need Sonic Stage for ATRAC transfer? Has anyone purchased or looking to purchase? Interested in peoples thoughts and how it might compare to the Fiio X5 or nh1! tx
  5. Great thanks look forward to your thoughts. How do you find the NW-A847and non english menus?
  6. Hi, Can anyone confirm if this player is playing the true lossless component of the AAL stream? The files transfer as AAL and display on the device as Advanced Lossless when playing. My query arises from modern lossless flash players being slow to change tracks etc when playing FLAC files whereas the NW-A808 is an older player with no lag and seems to handle playing large AAL file sizes fine. Thanks
  7. Have you tried a web archive page? http://web.archive.org
  8. Hi, I have recently been using the Klipsch Image X10 (50ohms) with the MZ-NH1 and they sound great. Also have an Olympus LS-7 and Galaxy tab 7.7. The minidisc still sounds the best playing hi-sp. I have only recently changed to the image x10 from the Sennheiser ie7. The X10 definitely sound better.
  9. It worked thanks Steve! For anyone else who wants to follow what I did I changed item 113 to 01 as shown on this post:
  10. Thanks Steve will give it a try. I remember getting a NWZ-A1000 when it came out. If i turned the EQ on the volume level would decrease! It really frustrated me!
  11. Hi, thanks, The service manual does not outline a key combination (like the MZ-RH1). Apparently I need to use xp with simple burner and some other sony program to get into test mode. Has anyone managed to get into test mode with the NH1?
  12. Hi, Does anyone know the button sequence to enter service mode on the MZ-NH1. I would like to apply the volume hack to a non European region if possible. I cant find a definitive answer on whether or not the NH1 has the volume cap applied for European models. Thanks
  13. What about the latest mp3 flash walkmans from Sony? I think even they do not sound as good as the mz-rh1 which was made several years ago.
  14. Why is this? Minidisc wont be around forever and we will need a viable flash player to move on to. I have tried giving up on minidisc several times and always end up coming back because even the Sony flash mp3/m4a players never sound as good as hi-md. Maybe its because md was designed solely around "sound" whereas all the new mp3 players have colour screens, wifi, video playback etc. I would prefer to pay $500 on audio only as my phone does everything else I need. I have tried several of the A series walkmans, several phones (galaxy s2, galaxy note) and even the ICD-SX813 but nothing is as good as a real-time recording on my rh1 via optical. I would save sooo much time and effort if i could get the same quality of an optical hi-sp recording with a flash based player using my PC to covert to m4a/mp3. Frustrating!
  15. Thanks, Yes that works however should the RH1 store the disk playback settings like the NH1 does so once i set it i don't need to activate shuffle each time i put the disk in?
  16. Hi, Just wondering if shuffle is possible without the remote attached? I like to play my discs randomly but don't like carrying the remote around. Thanks, -Tom
  17. Its funny how i always go back to md. I have tried to give it up several times but have always come back. There is nothing like a realtime recorded cd via optical. It just sounds better on my rh1 compared to the same file ripped at higher birrates on my pc to mp3 or even nero aac played on my galaxy note or gakaxy s2. I record to hi-sp. I wish it didnt sound better that way i could sell my rh1 and carry all my music on my phone. Grrr
  18. The md unit looks beautiful no scratches or anything. I believe it may have been in a shop cabinet all these years and not actually used. Could something in the service menu need to be changed or would this be a physical defect? Thanks
  19. Hello, I have an N10 i just bought of ebay. Evey time i plug a remote into it it starts to record and nothing comes up on the screen of the remote. It is frustrating and is not the remote as it works in another player. The same issue occurs even if i use different remotes. Any body have any ideas that could help me? Thanks guys
  20. haha, not a problem. I find wma lossless handles meta data way better than good old .wav. I just hope sonicstage is converting lossless to lossy lp2 and thats all. Thanks
  21. Hi Stephen, Do you think the process of ripping CDs with dbpoweramp into wma lossless and then importing these files into sonic stage is a good process sound quality wise? I then transfer the songs to my n10 as lp2. Thanks, -Tom
  22. Whats the point of all the extra resolution. 16bit/44kHz encapsulates all the information that people can hear (20Hz-20kHz)? Yes vinyl has frequencies past 40kHz but who can hear these? 16bit/44kHz is lossless the problem arises from AD conversion and DA conversion acoustic information can be lost at this step. -Tom
  23. Nah my deck does not have digital out. Just analogue
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