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  1. I really want the RH1 to be able to replace my ipod. I'm OK with less music -- I think having too much sometimes is, well, too much! I'm in for quality over quantity. Is the headphone amp in the RH1 as good/worse/better than the ipod's? Any comments regarding the RH1's replacing an ipod? I'm really after its recording functions, but I really don't want to haul both around when I go abroad this summer.
  2. Thanks for the help, guys. It looks like the Audio Techinca AT899 is a really nice mic. It's on the high end of my budget; any experience with this mic? I'm moving abroad for a while and really nice something small, simply and terrific sounding. I can't afford to take a bunch of gear with me. Will this do? Will it do too much? Is there something else I should be looking at? Thanks agin.
  3. Hi, I'm planing to but the RH1 when it comes out in the US. I'll be using it mainly for recording drum beats with my acoustic set and other acoustic instruments, street sounds, etc. But, I'm thinking that I'd like to be able to record the occasional jazz concert. My question: should I be looking at two seperate micorphones or is there a quality stealth type that can cover everyday recording? I'd really like to get a decent mic. My budget is 150-200USD. Any recomendations?
  4. Hi, great forum. I've three questions. I've searched this forum but didn't find what I was looking for. 1. What's the highest rate I can rip ATRAC3plus files at? I use reference headphones and an ipod now. Some of Itunes' encoding gets messy at times. I'm hoping sony's is better. 2. Given that I want a unit to replace my ipod because I'm going to sample/record (music and lectures), is the Rh-1 the way to go? It seems I sony's ATRAC3plus can give me cd quality and the Rh1 will have a much better amplifier for playback. True? 3. Does anyone have an idea when the Rh1 is coming out in the states? I can't wait to enter the world of MD. My friend swore by one in college and I was always impressed. Thanks
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