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  1. Sweet! Even better news than I'd expected... Thanks for the info everyone!
  2. Two main questions here: 1, do the various buds(EX51, 71, 81 ect) utilise the same tips, or did Sony waste money by having each one require it's own tip? 2, where can I get replacement tips for my EX51(still have all the ones it came with and I don't anticipate any problems, but noone ever does)? And one last, minor, question, are there tips from other manufacturers that might fit on these buds? Mostly just curious as to how many options(if any) are avliable.
  3. Boy, you guys really know how to make a fella all calm and at peace with the situation! Anything else I should know about, or does it actually stop getting worse here?
  4. Well, as my only player it gets fairly heavy use, so that's not looking too good. And here I thought I was saving up my money for some computer upgrades...
  5. CRAP! My MZ-N505 is doing the same thing(granted it's stuff recorded fron the PC, but still)... Jaylen, how long did you continue to have playback funcionality(like was it a matter of days or months)? Just trying to figure out how long I've got till my player goes tits up alltogether and I have to shell out $$$ for a new one(was kinda hoping it'd last at least long enough till the Hi-MD players got some decent battery life... Oh well).
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