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  1. Regarding the auction, someone "bought it", now.
  2. So the listing was "reincarnated"? Perhaps an exorcism is required.
  3. Nope (as indicated by the subtopic - I only "spotted" it). Just, thought people would be interested, not as a unit to bid on necessarily. Maybe there's a better forum than classified, for something off-topic, offbeat. Sorry I should have been more clear. I just thought if anyone was interested in finding a MiniDisc player, perhaps they hadn't considered buying a haunted one.
  4. Haunted MiniDisk Player (Ebay) (An MZ-S1, $40 Buy It Now, $.99 starting) The Description: My girlfriend and I had been together for about three years, and then the unthinkable happened. She was involved in a horrific and fatal car accident. I found very little solace in the fact that she was in a better place. Her mother had given me some of her possessions that she thought I could use. Included in those items was this MiniDisc player. I began listening to our favorite music but soon after, strange things started to occur. The lights began to flicker when I was the only person in the room and the radio stations would be tweaked, to mention a couple of the incidence. All of our memories cannot be contained within the framework of an electric device, so as much as I hate to give it up, the phenomenon have become stranger and I very rarely ever use it anymore for fear of witnessing the unknown. The body of the player has a few nicks on it from use, but overall it is in very good condition. All of the original paperwork, charger, transfer cable and headset are included, I have also managed to procure the Net MD CD that came with it. Also included are ten (10) MiniDiscs with music already on them, which can very easily be removed. a MiniDisc carrying case also is included that can hold up to twenty-four (24) MiniDiscs. Please treat this player with the utmost care. thank you for bidding.
  5. The NH600D and the DH10P don't have any line inputs...just the RH1. As for speed of transfer, I'll try to test and post results. The NH600D seems to work fine as a recorder. I can even use it with SonicStage to link album art and produce MDs capable of displaying it on the DH10P. Perhaps I won't use it for playing since it lacks the digital amp. But don't both the RH1 and the DH10P have the high definition digital amp? Shouldn't they produce similar results to the ear? Headphones...maybe I'll start another topic but I'm in the market for those, too. Right now all I have are Koss Porta Pro. Wow! Thanks, all, for comments.
  6. I just picked up the NH600D to join its 2nd and 3rd generation bethren in my collection, which spans back to a MZ-B3 and MZ-N510. I'm thinking about using it as my workhorse recorder and possibly my beater player, but want to avoid any downsides. Is there any difference in the net recording capabilities of a MZ-RH1, MZ-DH10P, and a MZ-NH600D? For instance, do they have the same rate of transfer from PC->MD? How about the playback? Do the two higher end models have noticeably better playback sound than the NH600D? I haven't started the bulk of my recording in HiMD. I'd appreciate any tips users have as to formats to use for everyday use of reasonably good listening quality. I know, that's another subject, but haven't quite figured out whether the trade-off between recording time and SQ favors the 64Kbps or 256Kbps (or something in between). Something I'm not clear about, if I transfer a CD to SonicStage library at 192, can it be transferred at that rate to MD?
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