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  1. When trying to enter service mode on my nh700, all I get is the flashing HOLD indicator. As far as I have read, the sequence IS : HOLD ON holding GROUP press : FF FF RR RR FF RW FF RW PAUSE PAUSE Am I right? What is going on where I can only get the flashing HOLD indicator? thanks
  2. Well, Monday night I lost the end of one song, the entire next song and the start of the third song becuase some guy kicked out my mic plug from the battery box.. grrrr.. I CAN get an alternative source for the show, but what I want to do is just PATCH my copy with the missing material. (i.e. find the part of 'Feel like a stranger' that is closest to where i lose it and it distinct, paste from there to the part of 'Baby blue' that I have that is usable, then use the rest of my recording. Does anyone have any ideas of software to do so? (by the way, this was Ratdog, with String Cheese Incident, and SCI came out fine, as did the majority of Ratdog.. just those 2 half songs and one whole song.. grrrr...
  3. No entiirely true.... see http://www.audiocubes.com/category/Home,+P...c_Recorder.html
  4. I broke my RM-MC21 today and would like to get a replacement as cheaply as possible. I have seen them for $35, but that is far too high for a non-lcd remote. If anyone here has one they want to let go for $10 or so, let me know.
  5. I have the same problem... would like the NH700 SERVICE manual.. will PM info..
  6. The AA attachment doesn't work if the main battery is 100% dead...... that is why I went with the 700 myself, for the AA battery ability. As far as SQ, they both use the same recording technology/codecs, as far as I know. I use HI-SP and find it fantastic.
  7. go for the NH-700, from planetminidisc.com. You will NOT be disappointed.
  8. IMHO, a shotugn is WAY too directional for an audience mic. you would be better off with an OMNI for the audience, or at most a cardioid. If you want to get audience reaction, you want it all, not just the one guy in seat 13, row 45.
  9. Almost any other MP3 player is better/cheaper than the Ipuddle.... myh old Archos blew it way, and even the cheap COBY units have equal or better SQ (which with MP3 is tollerable only at 170K or above..)
  10. Novus is to be used in the opposite direction.. #3, then #2, then #1
  11. MODS - please feel free to move this post as desired or to make it a new topic, etc.... I've been recording concerts off and on since 1994 (first using a Sony D6-C casette recorder, then an MP3 recorder, now a NH-700. I've never used Binaurals, as I prefer cardoids or hyper cardoids. My first mice were large AT cardoid vocal mics, and I curently use a pair of AT 853s from Sound Profesisonals (SP-CMC-4). These are fitted with the hypercardoid capsules, and fed into their battery box (SP-SPSB-1 --(with bass roll-off filter, but not level controls - I usually do NOT use the bass roll off feature unless there is a real problem - only used it once for a band where the bass player was playing at a sound level of 10 and everyone else was at about a 4). These are then fed into the line-in. I elevate these about 8 feet from the ground on a lighting stand with adapter and the SP mic duo-mount (SP-GNA-3 24" model with stand adapter - SP-TMA-1). I always record from the Sound Board position and have NEVER been disappointed. The crowd noise is not that audible except for some VERY quiet passages in the music where you can barely hear ANYTHING, or when the crowd is yelling when the band copmes on stage, and there is NO music, etc. Think of it this way.. most often, the sound person at the show, (be it a house guy or the incomparable Dan Healy), mixes to HIS OR HER EARS where they are. They are trained to listen for the best possible sound, so the best sound is usually at this mix position. I plan to record the upcoming String Cheese/Ratsog show on 6/26, and although the venue is VERY small (Viejas Concerts In the Park .. at a small aprk in the middle of an outlet mall of all things ) and I will recording from the mix position as always. I've recorded in venues as small as a bar (for a duo that wanted a master to make their own demo tape) to a small club (4th & B, for those that are familair with it), to Sam Boyud Silverbowl, to Coors and Irvine Meadows Ampitheatres. The only time I ever had a problem with crowd noise was at a show where no mic stands were allowed and I had to improvise and use a table-top tripod that was loaned to me and this one drunk patron kept coming up and yelling "WHOOOOOO" right into the mics. My main advice is : get get decent mics, locate them where the crowd noise is minimal, and point them JUST OUTSIDE THE STACKS onm each side. This is usually about a 110 degree angle with most mic-mounts, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - do NOT muck about with the record levels once you have actually started recording the desired contents- i.e. when the band actually starts. Avoid the temptation to 'ride gain' and keep everything at the same level the entire time. My ultimate recording, of course, would be to get a good matrix mix... my mics mixed with a soundboard feed THEN fed to line in, but.. I've recorded about 17 or 18 shows in the time I've been recording, and admit I am less experienced than some, but am offering my advice based on experience I've gained as well as tips I've been given from others. all of my current equipment except the MD recorder and lighting stand is from Sound Professionals... great guys and excellt service, prices. I can also highly recomment Planet Minidisc.. just got my NH700 and gonna break it in 'for real' soon (test recorded a friend's band at a birthday party to get a feel for it..works like most other equipment I have used in the past, VERY intuitive and so much better than MP3s.. even using Hi-SP). I also recommend HI-SP if recording a concert rather than PCM, since the loss of 'quality' is so slight and much less objectionable than having a big gap in the music right in the middle of a great jam.. If you are interested in who I've recorded, it's been a bit of a variety... Grateful Dead, Ratdog, DMB, Dave Matthews COVER Band, Standing Wave, Jazz Mandolin Project, Hot Tuna, Rusted Root, The Other Ones, Agent 22, Dark Star Orchestra (soundboard recordings) and a few friend's bands for their use. There are probably some I've forgotten, but you get the idea Anyway, peace to all and if you have any questions or advice for ME to improve my ideas, I am always open to discussions (edited for model #'s, typos, etc.. hope I found them all.. at midnight, I am not all that careful.. heh... insomnia is FUN though)
  12. Addiction? Hmm.. let me think.... got my MZ-N420D 6 weeks agom then a used S1, now ordered a NH700L today... you tell me
  13. I picked up an Audigy 2 NS notebook PCM card. I am also going to get a HI-MD recorder, but thanks for all the input.
  14. I have over 1000 hourws of Dead stuff.. not mastered on MD, but all copyable to MD of course.. I have stuff that originated as Cassette, Dat (copied to tape or CD), CD, and MP3/FLAC... Email me your list and I will look it over.. I may have to search for some of my stuff, as a lot of it is in storage right now, so trades may be slow... but want to get back into trading. My list will be updated soon and I will attach it to my reply to your mail.. drdannclark@wmconnect.com
  15. ) I discovered "Total Recorder" a couple of hours after my post and it seems the best solution. The only thing I notice is that the files are not quite gapless. My solution to this will be to do future recordings as one long file, render it, then use another software to split it. Not that big a deal... GREAT programs (both HiMD rendered and total recorde
  16. Just wondering what settings you have had luck with as far as volume settings on the MD unit and the inout level on the MIC in (I can't find a LINE-IN on the laptop). I want to be able to make the clearest possible copies, of course. I don't have the funds to invest in a HIMD unit right now, and the used MZ-S1 I got works perfectly for recording, so... Also, is there a unit you know of to convert from the headphone jack (on either the MZ-S1 or MZ-N420D) to OPTICAL and a USB based OPTICAL in unit? Thanks much for any info!!!
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