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  1. Just a little precision : how do you search by artist for instance with the 35ELK? I've got it with my NH900 and can't find the way to do that. Neither is it mentionned in the RH1 manual. Thanks, Lionel
  2. Oh ok! yes it's line by line browsing but it's not so bad. Thanks for your answers !
  3. Hello, I'm planning to buy an RH1 before it becomes too hard to find in France (it has alaready disappeared from mais stores). I had an R30, R55, R900 and NH900 and all of these units (except the 55) had a great feature in my opinion : the possibility of searching for a song browsing them on the screen without stopping playback. The NH900 had an even better function : you could search the title you want to play through an alphabetically sorted list (using usefull->search). I know that this funtion disappeared on the rh1 but I'd like to now if at least it's possible to jump from a song to another one without pressing prev or next repeatedly, stopping the playback of the current song. Thanks a lot ! Lionel
  4. Hello, I lost two accessories of my Mz-r900, I'd like to buy them to someone who has a faulty unit for instance. The dry battery case for the Mz-r900 is the same that the one which came with the Mz-r90 and the Mz-nh900 (black with one single AA battery). The carrying pouch is the black one but if someone has the grey one it doesn't matter. Thanks ! Lionel
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