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    md again..

    ya,sharp has good sq but the problem is that sharp has not make any himd.only sony does , means that i will still have to use more md blanks like before sharp will have its low freq lower in higher volumes as this is to prevent distortion in some earphones where else sony remains amplitude
  2. Anyone here still using record players or turntables to play your tunes? I'm currently using Technics sl-d2
  3. I'm interested in buying these phones, I would like to hear some opinions - by the way I listen mostly to electronic music.
  4. Do different kinds of battery such as rechargeble and normal alkalines affect the output sound of an md player?
  5. i use md because i started listening to my music(trance) with it and i can really feel the music.minidisc design is much better than any mp3 and for sony it MADE IN JAPAN and you could get quality from this.md has better sound quality than mp3 but its abit lower than cd but the difference is quite inaudible.
  6. my favorite mdlp would be sony mzn1,and that is also my fist md lol
  7. pgross

    md again..

    ya sharp has not make any hi-md md,ok i will try the sony rh1
  8. pgross

    my dream md..

    when i first started using md,i had a dream of designing a dual portable md recorder,which mean that the md recorder could play and record two md in just one product.it could be useful for dubbing.etc .there could also be a digital output which is rare for portables.i will show the design of my future md soon
  9. pgross

    md again..

    bt there is one problem,i like sharp sound esp for the bass so can anyone here recommend me any good and new sharp md recorder and does the 1 bit makes any different?i also qute interested in rh1 but i would like to know abut its sound
  10. pgross

    md again..

    i never tried buying online lol but i will try it soon..
  11. pgross

    md again..

    yea agreed,but there is some problem like not much shop selling md and its parts...
  12. pgross

    md again..

    i`ve been using md for the past 5 years,my first md was sony net md,mz n1 then i sold it off to buy sony mz r91(its kinda stupid because n1 has more advancement than mz r91..),then sony mz-n707...then sony mr r900(solid design then sony mz -n910...but sadly i lost that when im working...after saving some money i bought the sharp MT899,good design,sound and the light that was at the usb was nice.i listen to it with my technics rpdj 1200,wow,i loved its bass as i listen to mostly electronic music.....most of my friends prefers mp3 and im the only one using md lol..then i year 2005 my sharp net md was unable to record anymore so i was quite fed up with md and started using mp3.i bought the creative zen micro 4gb,the sound was quite flat even thought there is an equalizer..i also used audio technica in ear,ck7 on it and i would give 3.5/5 on the sound quality but there is still much lacking on it..finally my zen micro hangs up and thats it,i endure too much on mp3 sound quality so i planing to get back what i started with,MINI DISC.recently i bought a second hand sharp 1 bit im-dr410h,now i could really enoy my music..,imj now saving money to buy the hi md...after all md is still the best!!!
  13. pgross

    need help

    i would like to know which is better?the sony mz rh10 or mz rh910? i need to change my old md because of more songs nowdays what is most importantly for me is the sound quality.
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