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  1. Thanks. So this came out after the RH10 then?

    If we call the RH's 3rd gen and the RZ 4th gen, then the M100 is like rev 3.5?

    Mac compatibility and the M100 comes with a microphone I believe.

    Only differences that I am aware of.

    Maybe also the firmware bug of some of the first RH10's (including mine) where you can't see some of the letters when titling on the unit. The bug was fixed before the M100 so I would assume that it won't be an issue.

  2. OK, now that I have your attention, a friend of mine wants to upgrade from his MZ-NF810. He was considering the MZ-RH910 and MZ-RH10 (he actually purchased the former, expecting to be able to transfer his old MDs to his PC - oops! Had to do a freaking analog transfer of the one MD he needed desperately - gawddamn Sony). He likes the luminescent screen on the RH10, and the extra battery life, so he might return the RH910 for that one. He likes the battery clip-on on both models, as well as the multi-line displays.

    But the MZ-RH1 was just released. He wants to know what is so great about the MZ-RH1 aside from the ability to upload old MDs and the level meters. Yes it has a remote, but no battery clip-on, seeming to shorten battery life from the RH910/10's. It looks uglier (I know, who cares, but musicians care about this stuff), and is missing the large front display.

    So what extra features does this RH1 have making it better than the RH910/10? :help:

    Thanks in advance. I really would like to know if this RH1 is really an "upgrade." :drinks:

    I would like to personally tell Sony how they suck for taking this long for me to be able to digitally upload my old MD recordings made 5+ years ago on a first-gen recorder. You suck Sony, and you could have had an iPod years before the iPod, but you were too concerned with protecting your precious IP. How's that woking out for you? :rolleyes: If these were made properly from the get go, they could have been huge, instead of a niche gadget most people have never heard of. /rant

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