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  1. I used the simple burner that came with the hi-md. It read from the cd and I clicked the arrow for recording into the walkman which it did. .cda is the type of files that were in the cd. I was expecting the file to be converted to mp3 (I am not sure if it did any coversion or not) or some other format but it recorded into the mini cd fine but the hi-md cd was filled too quickly I thought. Thanks for the info, but is over my head. Can you help me understand some things: Where can I chose the atrac3plus format when I am recording? and, How do I pick the kbps? I will be listening to mostly speech and not music so much, so quality might not be that important. Thanks, Rodre
  2. Hello, This is my first message, since i'm new minidisc owner. I was trying to record some .cda files into the hi-md but is not fitting as many files as I thought it would (I was able to record about 120 songs in a 1Gig disk). Should the files be converted to some other format which would allow me to store more files? Thanks, Rodre
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