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  1. i am using ss3.4 and have two various artist albums i want to upload to to HI-MD but when i import them into sonicstage it seperates each album displaying each song/artist sepeatley instead of having the album displayed then songs within the album. I want to have the ablum on my MD with each song in the album folder so that it is organised is there anyway to change how it imports them. i've had a look but can't see anything although i may have missed something any help would be great
  2. I think i like the RH10, it seem best for me as an upgrade from my NH600. The DH10P is good but the camera is too much for me and i'd never use it. I think i'll keep my NH600 as a spare/back unit as it has got me into HI-MD'S and withstood pleanty of bumps and a few accidental drops and has served me well thanx for your advice.
  3. I have a MZ-NH600 which is a nice little HI-MD and has served me well but i'm looking to switch/upgrade to something new but i don't really know much about any other models of HI-MD players And was wondering if i could get any help on chosing one. All i do is transfer mp3's. i would like to get a sony again and one that i can use my RM-MC33EL remote with and also it must have a decent screen size. Other features are not an issue too much. Any sugestions would be a great help.
  4. right i installed ss 3.4 and ripped a cd using simple burner and everything was ok i got perfect sound and no weird noises that i was getting. but now i need to try and use Sonicstage to transfer mp3's and hope that they transfer well without the weird noises. *edit* i transfered a few tracks over and got the saame wierd noise so i deleted them of MD and i went to the options a changed bit rate to 48kbps and transfered them over again and they for NOW! seem ok thank you danielbb90 for you help
  5. yes i do own the original cd's and i'll try again to rip them to atrac3(plus)and see if that can help. if not i'll uninstall Sonicstage completly and try 3.4
  6. yea they are mp3's. and i tried to reinstall ss2 after uninstall ss4 but no luck ss2 just crashed my machine i'm trying diffrent bit rates but no luck. it is the sonicstage software. Is there any other way to transfer tracks other than sonicstage ??
  7. I have a sony MZ-NH600 and used to use sonicstage 2 untill i recently got Sonicstage 4 and up till a few days ago things were fine untill i transfered 2 or 3 tracks over and when i listened to them the sound was not right with a weird sound in the background. I've had no trouble with ss 2 whatsoever so i dunno if it is ss 4 or what?? any help would be great. *EDIT* i beleive it is ss 4 beacuse when i play songs in it from my pc i get the same sound as playing them from my minidisc but when i play the songs in Media player or winamp they are ok.
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