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  1. I will try to get my hands on a camera tomorrow and post a few pics. I've no experience in taking good photos so don't expect any of the stuff you're used to here... The height adjusters aren't in tragic condition of course, but you know how the mind works.. Especially the mind of someone who paid 140euros... First no leather pads (ok I think this is normal now). Then unsealed box, slight deterioration on the edges of the height adjusters..mmm Let's hope all these are normal and I'm just being strange!
  2. Yes, that's exactly the box I got, except for the "etronics.com" part of course. As I said they weren't sealed by cellophane, tape or any other way... Anyone who also has the SA1000? I've sent a message to Damage, hope he sees it. Thanks for the recommendations guys, especially richyhu!
  3. Yes the phones were boxed, the box wasn't sealed in any way though which was the first thing to worry me. Is this normal for these cans? The metallic things (I know my english is great..) on each side that are used for fixing the height seem a bit deteriorated, I don't know if this is met on most SA cans and if that's just the way they come out of the factory. But other than that the cans look brand new. The cable was folded as new as one would expect. The warranty paper was included, unfortunately the warranty is only valid for the U.S. (I was expecting that anyway), I just hope I won't need it. Thanks richyhu, I'm starting to believe the pad-parts are as they should be. I'm still a bit worried about the other stuff I wrote above, but I was going crazy for a moment there... phew.. And something a bit off-topic. Is there a recommended way to store cans and fold the cable while not in use? This is my first pair of quality phones, I wasn't really looking after the other phones I had..(R.I.P. phonies)
  4. Thanks for replying richyhu. I read the review. I missed the photos. Yes, that seems to be what I got. I just saw a picture where the pads look different on sony site which also advertises leather pads. Here's the link. Hmm By the way, mine says made in china.. Damage?
  5. Hi guys. I just got the sony SA1000. I bought them new from ebay, couldn't find them anywhere here in Greece... I'm a bit worried if they are the real thing... I'm concerned because there are no leather-pads as advertised by sony... I'm not sure about the quality of manufacture. Any opinions by someone who also has the same phones? Is there a way I can tell they're not fake..? Tomorrow I'll try to take a few photos. I'd really appreciate any help! Thank you
  6. Damage first I'd like to say a big thanks for your review! Bravo! I was thinking to get either the xd400 or the sa1000 and your review was just what I needed, very thorough. The cans will be used mainly for movies, gaming, music. I'm still a bit confused though... You got me thinking about the relaxed, enjoyable and impactful representation of the xd400 but I see myself going for the sa1000... I like accuracy, hope I don't go wrong and miss much relaxation... Keep up the good work guys!
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