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  1. Thanks for replying! Why don't you suggest using SonicStage? What bitrate would you suggest I use? (I am a true beginner with all of this!)
  2. I have two questions: First, is it possible to create an MP3 DVD (not CD) using SonicStage? All of my music files are already converted to WAV format. Second, I noticed that WAV files take up an extreme amount of storage space. An hour and 19 minute recording uses ~803MG, and all my recordings from a 1GB minidisc is now taking up 12.6 GBs (recorded in Hi-LP mode). I am trying to back up all my recordings onto CDs or DVDs (at the moment I have 5 MDs, 2 80 min and 3 1GB to backup), but am hoping that when converted from WAV files into MP3s, the files will be smaller. Does anybody know if when WAV files are converted to MP3s on the CD using SonicStage, the files are also compressed, or in other words become smaller? Having this information will help me begin this process. At least, I'll know how many CDs or DVDs to buy. Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi all! I am using SonicStage 3.4 and for some reason when I edit track names in My Library, the actual music file names (in My Music folder) do not change, which of course, makes everything a mess to sort out. Any thoughts? And yes, I do have the rename box checked beside the "rename Music file" option under the Advanced settings tab.
  4. Thanks a lot! I will try the updated software and see if that does it. The problem was in fact that the Hi-MD option is not displayed under the transfer pull down when I connect the device to the PC (I confused the two in my original post). The options were creating an Audio CD, ATRAC CD and an MP3 CD. The PC did recognize the device so it seems a software problem. Is this a common problem for the earlier versions of software? Can you think of any other reasons this might be happening?
  5. I am trying to upload (using sonic stage 3.3) several hours of interviews recorded in Hi-MD, Hi-LP mode using an external Sony mic. For some reason, the Hi-MD option does not appear under the import menu (located in the right hand side); the sony tech support told me that I can not upload these directly because I needed to record them in linear PCM mode; however, I do not see this listed as a requirement (or instruction) in the information listed on this forum (the guide to uploading) nor in sony manual that came with the device - MZ NHF800. Can anybody confirm this for me - before I spend a two weeks re-recording the files using the analong method? I have experimented with several mini discs and connected and unconnected the device, but the import Hi-MD option never showed up in the sonic stage interface.
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