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  1. Okay I see what you are saying that the input to the z05 is actually a digital input not as I thought analogue. And you are right when you say windows (8 in my case) sees it as a USB DAC as it loaded up a windows driver on first connection. Looks like it might be a lot more complex to connect a simple audio device such as the line out of say my Sony DC6. I can of course connect anything to the line in of my windows computer and that outputs to the Z05 but I was hoping for a stand alone solution ie no PC to do the work. Anyway thanks to you all who answered my questions. Allan
  2. On the Z05 I can select netmd or PC to speaker. Netmd connects to Sonicstage but PC to Speaker (via USB) will let me play anything the computer outputs to it speakers ie Windows media player mp3 or a game sound or a film soundtrack, so there must be an audio input via the Z05 usb connection. I was hoping that there was some device that had audio jacks on it that then would connect to my USB port but it would also have to give a signal to the Z05 that it thinks it has a computer connection(if not the PC to speaker input won't enable)
  3. The LAM Z05 is a nice bit of kit but is of a 'closed' design ie it plays CD's and MD's and only lets you record to MD from the internal CD, there is no line input. It does have netmd and allows USB to PC connection allowing sound from the PC to be heard on the speakers. I would like to connect my DH10P and DC6 cassette for playback does anyone know if there is some USB device that allows 'line in' from a jack plug, the thing is it would have to fool the Z05 in to believing it is connected to a computer to allow the USB option to become active. Just a little project to do in my retirement!! Allan
  4. Ok thanks for the info, I thought I had changed the wrong value or something. I agree with you about the display of text I was never impressed with Sony's approach to the information they put on the 1st generation displays, 3 lines of 9 characters meant endless scrolling and areas left blank if HiMd mode was used, at least they improved things with rh910 onwards. I managed to get a Panasonic SJ MR270 from Japan auction this was a 2004 MDLP NetMd device, it allows you to changed the font size in the menu and you can get two lines of 20 characters of text and it looks really good and no scrolling. Thanks Allan
  5. After doing the hack everything worked fine on my nh600 except I no longer get the title1 and 2 in the display menu and only see one line of text instead of 3. I have put the menu items back to default but the display stays the same ie one line of text instead of three with HiMd discs. Has anyone else had this problem and if so is it possible to get the original display back. Thanks Allan
  6. Sony LAM z05 Does anyone have the above model and if so can you give me the remote model number. It is very difficult to find on the net and from Sony (not a UK product) Ta Allan
  7. He is on ebay as well his id is 'minidiscfan'
  8. Anyone tried the products on this site http://miniaudiobooks.co.uk They do MDLP and HiMD
  9. That worked a treat thanks I must say I like the tone of this unit, I encode at atrac3 105 and it gives a warm sound much like a high end Cassette hifi unit. The piano black finish gives it a very modern look and I'm asked what it is and were can it be bought from. Cheers Allan
  10. I have just got one of these and would like to get the EQ working but none of the links on these forums seem to work anymore. I have tried a search for topic 9752 which I think is the '2n gen hi-md hack' procedure but only go to the home page of Sony Insider can anyone give me the hack for mz RH710 please. Allan
  11. http://www.sharoma.com/minidisc/reviews.htm Enjoy
  12. I noticed this option in the menu apart from showing the files on an Hi MD disc has anyone found a use for it? Allan
  13. Tough luck. Keep looking as I've seen mindisc's in CC as well. Last one I saw recently was NHC 600 HiMd for £12. Allan
  14. After 5 years of heavy use the original battery in my DH10P stopped taking a charge (5 years seems a good lengh of time for Li-Ion battey use). I put the unit in the charger without a disc in it and after about 20 seconds the screen came to life in Demo Mode and runs a little programme for about 30 seconds showing off the mindisc's features. I had never seen this before and is obviously for use in stores to show off the unit. To stop just eject from the charger If you want to see yours do this remove the battery and disc and put it in the charging crade with power and leave it for 20 seconds and up comes the screen with the demo. My unit is American so cannot vouch for it working on EU units. Cheers Allan
  15. Hi I have recently bought one of these units and have found the adaptor for the a800 series on e-bay here is a link http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SONY-BCR-NWA800-Char...p3286.m63.l1177 I have bought one and he should have one left, there is another seller in Japan but i cant find the link anymore. Hope this helps Allan
  16. Sorry that link is no good try this one he has 10 for sale http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SONY-BCR-NWA800-Char...p3286.m63.l1177
  17. Hi I have recently bought one of these units and have found the adaptor for the a800 series on e-bay here is a link [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sony-Charger-Stand-BCR-NWA800 I have bought one and he should have one left, there is another seller in Japan but i cant find the link anymore. Hope this helps Allan
  18. davidallan

    nw-a919 question

    I would like to get one of these too. When I did some research I found the model is only available in Japan with Japanese menu's. Its seems there is no way of showing it in English. If you do get one i would be interested to see if the menu's can be changed to another language. Allan
  19. Does anyone know if the a81x series will work with these speakers? Allan
  20. I have upgraded mine as well. Vista now streams to the unit ok but web radio does nothing ie when I press the button marked web radio on the control nothing happens. Do you have to set something up on the server. The firmware upgrade made no difference to the problems of changing albums on the a808. Alla
  21. I notice a firmware upgrade for the Sony CPF-IX001 on the UK Sony support site. It now has Mcrew for Vista and enhancements that allow the setup of wifi without a computer anyone tried this yet. Allan
  22. So is mine so thats not the answer cheers
  23. I have the same unit and the + - buttons dont do anything either. Does suspend work as it doesn't on mine. You say you found a sequence, does that mean when you first tried the remote nothing worked until you had pressed a sequence of buttons. Allan
  24. No your right I had left my minidisk plugged in and WMP was playing back the mindisk transfer. sorry about that, only bought the speakers for my md but the a808 came free so havent played with it too much yet. Allan
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