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  1. Ive got a collection of CDs which i want to convert onto MDs and was wondering which way is the best way? previously i was using my CMT-C5 but somehow my RH1 doesnt seem to like the first few tracks of each MD although all my other players seem to read them fine(?) so i switched to using Sonic Stage 4.3 ultimate in NetMD mode. but i just read something that said that NetMD SP mode is more like LP2 so quality is actually degraded even though it too takes up the entire length of a standard MD. Is there an alternative besides connecting a cd player to the MD in order to maintain SP quality? Also, am i right in saying that using the HiMD mode for transferring files in sonicstage can preserve the quality of the files providing i set them in the export options? Thanks
  2. but my NH3D can play the discs absolutely fine? and my RH1 can play all my old discs perfectly fine too. ... terribly baffling....
  3. So i've recently bought a new RH1 and it's awesome listening to my old recordings again Previously i've always used my CMT-C5 md hifi system to record from CDs to MD. however, one thing i've noticed is that the RH1 doesnt like the recordings made from this hifi, and often the first 2 tracks wont play on the RH1 but will play on my other recorders including the hifi! i've used the High speed CD sync and Normal speed cd Sync, with the High Speed discs barely playing at all and skips. each time i format the disc first via the hifi and i tried to format the disc using the RH1 as well but results are the same. i try the same disc in my NH3D and it is fine too.... any idea why?
  4. HI all, After quite a few years of leaving MD (my last unit was a N1 and previously the R900) i have just purchased a RH1 to revive my love for this format So i take it that everything has changed now and im sure that the software on the CD is completely useless as im on windows 7 x64. Currently, i'm downloading the Sonicstage 4.3 Ultimate software from this forum to try and get this unit up and running, but is there anything else that i need to know? I will be using MP3 files predominantly with HiMD discs so what is the best way of uploading songs onto them? Any other tips/updates/etc? Cheers
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