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  1. My 910 is not very energetic but it does eject the disc. However, if your fingers slow down the opening of the top even a little bit the disc doesn't eject. It's hard to hold the thing in such a way that some finger isn't somewhere in the way of the top as it opens, so often it doesn't appear to be ejecting.
  2. If I have legacy MD recordings (voice) in SP mode, can I put them in my 910 and upload to my PC via Sonic Stage to .wav files? At a rate faster than realtime playback??? Thanks for the technical assistance...
  3. Best stuff I've found for applications like this is the material sold by the InvisibleShield (Shieldzone) people. You can either buy uncut material or you can buy something pre-cut for a DVD player screen and have a good sized piece to cut from. This stuff is thin, tough, clear, and goes on and off without adhesives or solvents.
  4. Has anyone tried using the latest release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software to convert voice recordings to text? Is it possible to do this directly via a line connection, or do you have to replay the recording via speaker to a mic hooked up to the PC? Any other/better suggestions for transcription of voice interviews I'm recording on my MD? Many thanks John Newell Boston
  5. Thanks to both of you for the replies. I think I'd read the backup post during my pre-purchase research and that was probably part of why I used PCM - even a complete newbie like myself could successfully copy the files on the MD!
  6. Hello...new user here. Very brief background - I got interested in the StoryCorps concept and before a visit to my parents decided to purchase 21st century recording gear. After some research, I purchased an RH-910, an MS907 mic and a set of V500 phones plus some discs. The experience worked out very well, and I have uploaded the PCM recordings to some DVDs for backup. I plan to do more of this with my parents and my wife's parents, but have a question I would appreciate your help with. I did the first set of recordings in PCM. It seems that the only drawback is that PCM has a relatively short recording time per disk - is that correct? If I use Hi-SP, or even Hi-LP, for these voice recordings, am I likely to notice any degradation in sound quality? Are there other disadvantages for editing or backing up to other disks? Many thanks J. Newell
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