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  1. There is an UK vendor on eBay just now offering a new Sony MZ-RH1 at more affordable (and honest) price: http://cgi.ebay.it/Sony-MZ-RH1-Walkman_W0Q...VQQcmdZViewItem Good luck...
  2. I do not know the Sony RH10, but I think that there is not story in an eventual comparation... so buy the new RH1 and you will be more happy :-)
  3. OK, thanks for your help :-)
  4. At last I have tried a Greenmachine's mic. It is great!! I am not a mic expert, however I have used a lot of mics from many years with my MDs and my DAT recorder. The first difference with my ECM mic is the sound of the my piano's bass. With Greenmachine's mic the bass are more powerful (and realistics). The mic sensibility is enough high, too. Here is a little example I have just recorded: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...si&img=3082
  5. I'm glad to know other users in this forum are buying a Sony MZ-RH1, In From The Storm... congratulations... :-))) For the iPod: my post was enough ironic... iPod is really nice to see and to hear, but since I am an old Mac user I find its user interface few Mac-like and little intuitive (music transfer, basic operations, recharge, etc...). I prefer my old MZ-R30 and its large buttons... I am of another generation (I started in 80's with a portable analogic tape recorder so when the first digital MD units were available I thinked to be in a beauty dream...). I prefer a solid unit and not a thiny unit that becomes easily dirty to only watch it (you should always have a little cloth to celan it...). Then with my old MZ-R30 and a little mic I can record without problem. I know that today the style is overall important (and Apple know well this point...) and so I think that the new black RH1 is more interesting that iPod Nano black in the field of the style, altough RH1 is more for do records that to use only like music player (however it can be used also like player and this is a "point for"). At last we know that Atrac3 plus level of compression works more fine that MP3 compression but also here we can record in Linear PCM 44,100 KHz and enjoy of higher music quality than MP3.
  6. I cannot find enough courage to do a confession: I have a black iPod Nano (2 GB), too..... It was a gift that I received the last year: I have used it only a couple of times but I prefer the black of my MZ-RH1... I hope that the moderator does not delete my account after known that I have an iPod...
  7. I hope your RH1, as well as mine, will be alive for many years, philpem. However, when (and if...) the RH1 price will be more affordable I think to buy a back-up unit to take ready for every evenience... If this will be really the last MD unit made by Sony then a second RH1 will be a must to buy. I prefer to buy another RH1 instead one of Onkyo Hi-MD deck. This also because Onkyo Hi-MD units are enough expensive to buy (since they are available only from Japan import). I hope in some way that Sony, looking at high (and unexpected ) popolarity of the RH1 (high request from worldwide users), will release other portable MD units in the next years (MZ-RH2, MZ-RH3 and so on...) and some Hi-MD decks like Onkyo already do from some years...
  8. Congratulations for your new RH1, philpem... ;-) I am sure that it will give you many satisfaction. Greetings.
  9. I mean I cannot remove it from my Mz-NH900 ever... since probably the high temperature during the charge have fixed it inside my MD unit... My unit works fine again and the battery works fine too (I can recharge it in the MD unit without problem) but the battery is blocked inside the battery's space in my NH900. However, this seems a known problem with NH900 since other users in this forum have reported a similar trouble :-((
  10. My NH900 battery (NW10) has a brief life since I have had it uncharged for too time... So, I did buy a more powerful battery replacement (NW14) and it seemed OK (more long operational time) but unluckily, like I did write already the new battery is blocked inside my MZ-NH900 since I have not an external battery charger (it ssems that this is a rare item to find and buy altough it's very useful...).
  11. Dogville, do you think that it is not enough powrful? I have registered the Puccini "Butterfly" without problem and this Opera is more that 2 hours of music... An easy solution is that to buy another battery unit and to fit it in MD's bag for every evenience :-)
  12. Thanks for your advise, greenmachine :-) My piano is in my (enough big) drawing-room. Unluckily the acoustic is not so great since the costruction is enough recent... Since my coda-piano is enough big (2,11 meters) I have to cover it with a thin blanket otherwise the sound is too high (also to avoid problems with neighbours...). Near my house there is a road with enough traffic, so I have to close every windows. So, closing all the sound of my piano is not good how it could be in another ambient. Then at the left of it there is a wall, so I think that the natural risonance is stopped in some way. If I try to open full my piano the sound is really too strong to hear and to record it... However, when I have recorded the Bach Preludio the mic was at a distance of about 30 cm at the right of my piano. For philpem: really interesting but a bit too ''technical'' for me. Regards :-)
  13. Not bad, but I have used the extension cord from a Sony mic (Sony ECM DS70) to avoid every MD's motor noise. The real problem is that the sound of my piano (usually very hot) is could and metallic... Then, maybe that the mic is too sensible to every little rumor of the ambient. However, I cannot wait to try your mic :-) What's your opinion about my record? What do you think about the mic after hearing the sound quality?
  14. I have tried this little mic bought on eBay (I have added a pic like attachment). I have recorded the begin from a preludio from Bach Clavicembalo ben temperato: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...m&album=273 [attachmentid=1961]
  15. I believe you, The Low Volta... ;-) For greenmachine, I would like to accept your kind offer so I have sent you a PM. Thank you :-))
  16. Thanks for your advise. However, I will try to record something soon... I have seen another eBay item that seems interesting: http://cgi.ebay.it/Stereo-Miniatur-Mikrofo...1QQcmdZViewItem There are always a lot of users interested at it on eBay, so I think it should be enough good, isn't it? Greetings :-)
  17. Thank you. I am happy to know that do you like my records, greenmachine. Recently, I have bought a little mic on eBay like the following: http://cgi.ebay.it/GOLD-LE-MD-DAT-MINIDISC...1QQcmdZViewItem The vendor assured me that it is more powerful that Sony ECM series. I will tray it as soon as possible with my MZ-RH1. However, the last week I did record ''Madama Butterfly" of Puccini (live recordings) and I was more than happy to see that MZ-RH1's battery was enough powerful to record three acts of Opera (more than two hours of music)!!!!
  18. And this is the Preludio n. 13: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...m&album=273
  19. This time I have recorded my piano using my old MZ-R30 then I have recorded the piece on my MZ-Rh1 (line recording in Hi-SP mode). The result was a bit noisy but the MZ-R30 is yet a great MD recorder. Here is the link: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...m&album=272
  20. I have added another MP3 recorded using my old Sony MZ-R30: my old MD works fine, yet... ;-))) Here is the link: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?act=m...si&img=3073
  21. Atrac3

    Buying LIP-4WM

    OK. Thanks a lot for your kind advise, smkranz.
  22. Atrac3

    Buying LIP-4WM

    Infact, the battery I bought is in its original package and it does not seems a fake, altough there are chinese words ptinted everywhere on its little box. However, I did not buy it from a chinese vendor. Someone with a MZ-NH900 have had a similar trouble? Is there a solution (I would like to avoid to open my MD recorder to extract the battery locked inside...)?
  23. Atrac3

    Buying LIP-4WM

    My experience: The last month, for a friend of mine I did buy a Sony Lip-4WM on eBay from a chinese vendor: my friend is very happy with its MZ-NH1 and its new battery. The last week I did buy a battery replacement for my MZ-NH900 (the original NH-10 battery has not a long life and it always want a charge...), so I did buy a NH-14WM (1200 MHm) from a non chinese vendor. The first time I did charge it for 3 hours and my NH900 did works fine. Tonight I did charge it for the second time and this morning the bad news: I cannot extract the battery from its compartment probably because the varnish around the battery did burn for the heat... Luckily, my MD recorder works fine, yet...
  24. A bit off-topic, excuse me... but yesterday I've tried the remote control of my new RH1 near my old MZ-R30 MD player and it works fine!!! So, I have thinked to replace the original black remote of my R30 (that have not LCD) with a silver RM-MC38EL remote control. I've seen a lot of this items on eBay (...ever from chinese vendors at ridicolous price...), someone can tell me if those remote are OK (= they work fine??). I don't think they are Sony original but then at those prices also a good imitation is enough for my old MZ-R30, is not??? :-))
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