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  1. On eBay there are two Case Logic MDC-2 bags for MD, altough unluckily they are both red and not black... But the price is really interesting: http://cgi.ebay.it/CASE-LOGIC-MINIDISC-PLA...1QQcmdZViewItem So, dogville, you have not more excuse to buy it (bye, bye Pixmania...)... ;-))
  2. Thanks for your nice tip, Garcou :-) Excuse me, if I did understand well: a Onkyo deck should cost 45,031.00 Japan Yen (about 308 EURos) + 50 EURos for import duty tax ?? And do you know if the AC power converter is necessary for Italy, too?? Thanks again :-)
  3. In the south of Italy (under Rome...). I did take a look to oricejapan.com but it seems that 'Onkyo' is not present in its catalogue... ;-((
  4. For garcou: 350 euros for an Onkyo MD-105FX sounds very interesting to me... :-)) I also will try to find one at that price.
  5. Thank for hearing my records, dogville :-)) For the distortion: I have hat to 'normalize' the sound level using an aido - editing application, since it was a bit too low... So, what is the best Sony ECM mic, today? When I did buy my first MD (MZ-R30) there was the ECM-717, then I did buy the ECM-719 very similar model: both interesting for the power plug-in function. I've seen other ECM model available but they are too big and they want a battery inside... But for the quality?
  6. Hey greenmachine, thanks for adding a link. I have to try other settings since the record of my piano is too could. The real problem is that here the weather is too hot so it's a real sacrifice to play the piano for record it...
  7. Excuse me why? I did buy a digital camera some years ago without problems...
  8. OK. I've just uploaded them: they are three audio clip from my amatorial recording. I simply have used my little Sony ECM-719 mic. First to upload, I have converted them to MP3 format, 112 KBS.
  9. OK, I will try your nice settings. Thank you :-)) For the audio samples I will try to upload only little segments of my records.
  10. I've bought many electronic toys on eBay: I've never found a problem with UK sellers, some problems with german vendors however easily solved. I did understand that MZ-RH1 for USA market has a blank 1GB Sony MD included, while that for EU market does not have a balnk MD but has an optical cable included. Last year I did buy my MZ-NH900 (EU model) and I did find both a blank 1GB Sony MD and an optical cable in the box!!!
  11. I like a lot this (Case Logic MDC-2): http://www.pixmania.com/it/it/39542/art/ca...lkman-md-m.html since its is big enough to contain a mic, the remote control, the earphones and then there is a space for a blank MD :-))
  12. At last, I've found a bit of free time to try my unit. I simply did plug-in a Sony mic (ECM-719) and I did made some little settings: - from Hi-SP to PCM - Mic sens to Low - Mic AGC to 'for Music' Then I did go to my beloved piano and I did start to play something (from 3rd Chopin piano sonata). Then i did go to my Mac and I did connect my MZ-RH1 using the included USB cable: an icon was mounted on the desktop to start ''Hi-MD music transfer 2.0''. Using it I did transfer easily my 2 tracks to Mac at reasonable velocity: about a minute for 10 minutes of PCM music (103 MB) in WAV format. The sound quality is great but the sound level a bit too low... I will try another setting as soon as possible. Is there a way to upload some little WAV files in this forum?
  13. I'm happy to hear this notice, Reefbeef... ;-))
  14. Take a look to eBay site: there are a couple of european vendors (from Germany) that sell MZ-RH1 at a reasonable price (under 300 EUR).
  15. Yesterday I've heard 3 MDs (old MD and more recent Hi-MD) without problem. I did note that behavior only with old MD recorded and formatted many and many time and can inserted in my old Sony MDS-S38 deck... the music sometime was reproduced in internittent way. Have you tried with another MD disc?
  16. Unluckily, it sounds like your battery is dead However, maybe the problem is in the USB cable so a fast verify could be that to insert your LIP-4WM battery in a compatible MD recorder/player like a Sony MZ-NH1 to see if it can charge it... Do you have a warranty?
  17. My mistake... I would like to write SONY DTC-A6 (maybe I did think to Audi A4...) and not A4...
  18. Two or Three?? (in your photo there is another unit yet...). However, congratulations since I always have heard good opinions about ES serie. If they was Hi-MD compatible then I did want to buy one to put near my Sony A4 DAT...
  19. I also did record a live classical concerto (Mozart's Requiem) with my MZ-NH900 + ECM-719 little mic and the result was amazing (I knowthat it is not professional, there is the ATRAC compression, the mic is not enough powerful or Pro ecc...) but after a realtime transfer (Sony has released Mac application only now...) through a Berhinger mid-level quality mixer to my Mac (via a Behringer FCA-202 audio interface) and then on a CD the result was really great!!! And I would like to put in evidence that I did use the Hi-SP setting and not the more "clean" LinearPCM mode... ;-)
  20. This morning I've received my RH1 (from UPS). I've bought it on eBay (from vendor in USA) at good price ( 297 USD). But then I have had to pay UPS international insured shipping so the price was: 359 USD. Unluckily, Italian customers added tax for import duty of 86 EUR (= 109.539 USD !!!!!). So the final price (including some little extras for the Paypal money conversion USD - EUR) is 376 EUR (= USD 479). However, here in Italy is impossible to find one available (and Sony Italy does not include it on its official Web site...). First impression: really cool!!!!!! The Sony box is little... I like a lot the black colour of the unit (luckily it is opaque otherwise it was to clean every minute...). I've inserted the battery and I have connected that strange combination of cables (why USB charge? Maybe I will appreciate this system more later...) to see its fantastic display!!! There is not present a digital/optical cable like that included with my previous MZ-NH900... someone can confirm that this cable is not present like standard accesory? Then, since I'm a Mac user it's really nice to see a software for Macintosh included in the Sony package (Hi-MD Music Transfer 1.0... :-)) I know the Mac application is not powerful like SonicStage for Windows, however I think that, after so many years, this is a good start for Mac user (I have already downloaded the version 2.0 and I hope to see soon a more powerful version 3...). The remote controller is similar to that included with the MN-NH900 but it is in black too!!! :-)) I've found a blank Sony Hi-MD 1GB in the box. After 3 hours of charging I will try it... my Sony ECM-719 mic is waiting... :-)))
  21. Thanks to all... ;-)) I did not know Onkyo produce HI-MD decks. It sounds very interesting!!!! For Gracou: How many Sony MD (ES series) do you have???? Congratulations: they are all very powerful beast :-))
  22. Hi. I like a lot this forum since there are so many MD fans here, yet!!! Brief presentation of myself (skip it if you want): I'm Italian and I live in Italy = few MD users... ;-(( In 1998 (or in 1999) I did search a valid replacement for my portable (mono!!) tape recorder. I did tray a Sony MZ-R30 and... "it was love" but, since in the shop there was also a MDS-S38 deck, I did buy both them... ;-)) Both work fine today yet... Then, in 2004 I did buy a Sony MZ-NH900 with the new powerful HI-MD feature. Since here in Italy few HiFi shops have MD recorders/players available yet, I did order a new sony MZ-RH1 in USA and I'm waiting it... So the question: I remember that beautiful Sony catalogues full of MD decks (like the best MD decks in the ES series), but then I have not seen them since the last more recent italian version of the Sony catalogues do not report any info about MD replaced by Super Audio CD decks or by MP3 portable units (!!!!). So, are there MD decks compatible with Hi-MD format? I would like to see two or three Sony Hi-MD decks available, although many peoples say that MZ-RH1 will be the last MD unit that Sony will made... ;-((
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