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  1. yep, I really think you are right
  2. In fact, what I meant to say is that - considering this difficult moment - for such a fantastic item it would be a pity not to have an alternative product to MZ-RH1 which could enlarge the market - in the hope that in the future HI-MD would come back and be available for a larger number of people. I asked the question because usually this time of year, in the past, Sony used to lauch the new models. Thanks for futher comments.
  3. I wondering when Sony will put the new model of HI-MD on the market - I think now it is important to have on the market a low priced HI-MD to compete with Mp3's, even if this new item won't feature any important technolgical improvements. I admit I'd love to see a Hi-MD with colour display but ... What do you think about it? Ciao Domenico
  4. What do you think of a hi-md deck with colors to see the cover of the record on the display?
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