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  1. Saw your listing last time. How much did you get it for?
  2. ebay <-300 in that condition? Thats a bit expensive.
  3. A few items from Amazon US & Amazon UK. So far no items are missing. But Im still waiting a few items from eBayer. Been waiting for a week or so though.
  4. Its in an island or Borneo, bordering with Srawak (Malaysia), Sabah (Malaysia) and Kalimantan (Indonesia). Its ok if you cant quote me a price.
  5. Worth a try. If its reasonable, Im willing to consider it.
  6. How much does it cost including shipment to Brunei Darussalam?
  7. I bid for two MJs a few days ago. I missed the Aussie bid by a few dollars and price is reasonable Thriller and this Dangerous MD. This one is a bit expensive. Did any of you guys actually bid for these MDs?
  8. I too did the search and went to specific eBay locale. It came up with different result and more MDs that Im looking for. Ive been able to locate some MDs from Germany, UK, Japan and Australia and saved them as watched items.
  9. Yup. Its the same one. But the one I post was in English.
  10. Invincible Probably this might help if anyone who is still interested.
  11. Lately at eBay, the prices of MJ related products are getting all the attention which includes the MiniDisc. I wish that I checked on eBay earlier before MJ's death, that would normalise prices a bit. Im still hoping to get the Dangerous MD for a reasonable price.
  12. I think if there is no demand, they will probably lower their price. But the longer the wait, I would assume the price will go a bit higher every day.
  13. Its asking for 111 pounds so its around USD170. I bought mine for Singapore $21 inc. GST (USD13). Death do make some people richer.
  14. MJ - Invincible Its listed at more than 100 quid!
  15. Ive checked my collection again and I do have the Invincible MD. I thought the sound was not too bad in my opinion. Im using the Sony MDSJE520, Yamaha AMP AX492 with Tannoy and Mordount Short speakers. Im trying to get the Dangerous Pre Recorded MDs and see how it sounds. Ive seen a few on eBay.co.uk with regards to MJs albums. You guys should try your luck there if you are interested.
  16. I have the 'Blood on the Dance Floor'. I thought I have the 'Invinsible' album. I have to recheck my collection. I should have bought the 'Dangerous' album when I was in the UK in the 90s. Virgin and HMV always have stock and it was price between 15 to 18 quid a pop. Apart from that, I also have a number of pre-recorded MDs which Im really proud to have and gathered wherever I can get them.
  17. IMHO its just not the same with dedicated MD deck to play HIMD.
  18. You miss the boat mate.
  19. I think you guys should post the pictures of yours on this thread. I like to see how it was.
  20. Any spec on the BOSE MD? Ive never seen this model before. Ive seen a TEAC when in the UK in the 90's and if Im not mistaken a friend of mind eventually bought the Midi Component.
  21. Really look mint. A collector would love to have it.
  22. With MiniDisc, once you pop you'll never stop!
  23. stormtrooper


    Thats a good purchased. Is it play only MD?
  24. They have not produce Hi MD Deck for cars just yet. I wish they do though.
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