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  1. Unit has been sold. Thanks for your interest everyone!
  2. Yeah, those PX100's have a really colored sound that would appeal to the masses. I also strongly prefer no-eq so the PX100's are great for groovin' and rockin' out. Pure fun phones, not for serious listening.
  3. x2 I don't particularly like remotes but it seems MD units were designed with them in mind, some of them of course require them to get full functionality. Saving wear and tear on the recorder's controls is a nice added bonus.
  4. Yes, that is correct! He and I have a pretty good unit exchange history. Sale is pending, thanks for looking!
  5. Yes she is, thanks man! I'm only selling because I'm moving to SP only in the Minidisc arena. I need to make space in the stash for some legacy gear!
  6. This unit has been sold. Thanks for looking.
  7. Yeah, $318 isn't bad at all. Still I agree with you, hang on to those RH1's!
  8. Yes, this works. I've done it. I did this at a time when I was using an interface with only 4 line inputs. So to "upload" an 8-track recording I had to record 4 tracks at a time, go back and with the MTC sync in place, record the other 4 tracks. It's been a long time but I'll try to remember how I did it. I think I had the MD8 working as a slave to the MTC signals from Cubase. It was sweet because the MD8 followed Cubase clock perfectly. For instance, when paused, if you click along the track's timeline, the MD8 would instantly "jump" to that same time. I have a ton of things going on at home with a new baby and such, so I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to fire this up again. It was just a matter of setting a couple of options in Cubase and on the MD8. It was very easy and pretty intuitive, I got it working in just 15 minutes of fiddling. Give it a try, it works! I'll update this thread when I get a few spare minutes to do this again. Good luck! Oh, one more thing. Be absolutely sure to flip the write-protect tab on your data disc before playing with this!! If you have the settings a certain way, then hitting [record] in your Cubase transport will cause the MD8 to start recording! Very bad! I narrowly avoided trashing a treasured recording of mine because luckily it had a lot of blank space at the beginning of it. Ok then, good luck.
  9. j-dawg

    WTB: DH10P

    Anyone got a DH10P they want to unload? I'd really like one of these. I'll even consider units with cosmetic flaws as long as they still work well and include the charging cradle. Thanks!
  10. OMFG 1 + 3 BACKUPS!! You are the man!!
  11. Glad to see T-Boarders still kicking around while the Board is down. I'll be checking back daily.
  12. Haha, I know man. It's all good! I'll probably drop the price here soon and if that fails, off to the 'Bay...
  13. *Scoffs* EH70.... HAH! Pish posh... Those things are ugly, go ahead and get one for $170! Nah, just razzin' yah! SBG is right. My price must be too high. I am getting offers but not a lot. Put it this way, the best so far is a scratch & dent silver DH10P for trade, LOL! I'll let this sit around for a while and make some 'market adjustments' if she doesn't move.
  14. *** EH1 IS SOLD! - Thanks *** Just seeing if there's any interest in my MZ-EH1. Condition is very good, almost mint. I say almost because there is very slight wear on the silkscreened graphics on the back, like where it says HD Digital Amp, MDLP, MiniDisc, and especially the 'BATT' graphic. The metal finish itself is perfect all around, not scratched or dented. Of course it works perfectly and sounds fantastic. The full retail package is included with everything in it. Cradle, Li-Ion, charger, RM-MC40ELK, It's a Japanese unit so the manuals are all in Japanese, as is most of the writing on the box. I did change the language to English. In the trio picture, only the EH1 is for sale. I'm looking to get around $(SOLD) US shipped and insured to CONUS, shipping elsewhere might have to add a little bit. I'd prefer trades though. I'd really like a DH10P (Black preferred, silver maybe ok...), Gold NH1, Black NH900, or a Gold E10. I'm open minded to offers so PM me if you have any interest or any other units you'd consider trading. Thanks for looking! PS. I have 100% posi feedback everywhere. Here, T-Board, Head-Fi, eBay, etc...
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