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  1. Hello!! I just found these forums after doing a google search out of desperation for my poor MD collection. I've been a MD user since 1995 when I used my first unit (a pro unit we used in college production). I was so taken by the technology that (once the prices went down a bit) I bought one in 1999. Unfortunately that deck is long gone, and all I have now is a rather beat-up portable unit. What I'm looking for is a unit (either a home deck or portable unit) that has a DIGITAL OUT. I've seen a great number of decks with digital in, but haven't been able to locate one with dig. out. I don't care which format (optical/spidf) because I can get a format converter. I need to transfer a great number of projects from MD to my computer for editing and don't need the additional noise of going into the computer via analog. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance :-) Don
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