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  1. To the topic starter, no, that is one of the main weaknesses of the jog dial walkman. And to "juli", no, if you do that you'll skip the song. You're referring to the players after the S70x series.
  2. And the same can be said for the S61x series (I have the S616F). No free space information on the unit.
  3. You are correct, even my S705F does that popping sound which is a bit annoying.
  4. ender325_

    I Deleted MyTopic.

    1,0,1,1,3 here using MDR-EX90SL on Rock and Industrial music along with Clear Bass at 2 or 3.
  5. No, my old E507 which is about 3 years old still works like a charm and the battery still lasts as advertised in 2005.
  6. Well if you feel like it could be malfunctioning you can always change it at the store. I for one never used Properties on Windows to check up the battery so this was something new for me, but I'm sure your player's okay.
  7. Mine says 100% cuz...well I charged it through the PS3 while copying songs to the dap (and don't trust Windows, trust the player's indicator, that's why it's there). Those are approximate times to charge the battery and can also vary due to humidity, temperature and that stuff. I'm sure your unit isn't malfunctioning.
  8. I have the S616 version and yep you are overworried. You can unplug the player safely as long as it doesn't say "Don't Disconnect" message on the screen so no worries there. About the battery...that can vary. It depends on the bit rate, which audio format is used, brightness setting, if equalizer, clear stereo/bass, dynamic normalizer, DSEE...and if other stuff are used or not. The battery is very good in my opinion but I grew used to the 50 hour battery of Sony's past MP3 players (such as E505 and S705F) so I miss that feature. Relax and enjoy the great battery/sound your dap is providing to you. About the registering benefits I don't know because I've never registered mine lol.
  9. It is true, this also covers United States and Latin America (for Latin America change regions on the upper side of the website) I'm sending mine soon! Link: http://esupport.sony.com/perl/news-item.pl...amp;mdl=NWS705F
  10. I knew these series had a problem with the headphone port. Mine was affected, no sound at all coming from it. Since this is a Canada news...I wonder if this will apply to other regions as well. I really want this for my region too, that was an excellent player I would like to use again. Edit: Thanks a lot for the news! !
  11. Many thanks but...the link doesn't work...I just see some japanese code and something about Framework.
  12. I once had some issues with my NWZ-S616F player, didn't want to connect at all through USB. I suspected it was something related to Windows Media Player 11 so I downloaded it again and re-installed it and the player worked again. Try reinstalling WMP11 from microsoft.com, hope this helps.
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    I'm glad to help.
  14. ender325_


    My recommended settings are: CB+3 (or 2) 10113 (or 20113). I'm using the first one on my EX90SL earphones, very clear, detailed sound with a booming bass. Edit: I listen to Rock and Industrial music.
  15. ender325_

    Walkman Guarentee

    *sigh* I still keep hearing more and more issues with the S70x series. Mine began by not outputting any sound on the right channel unless you played a bit with the headphone jack.....weeks later the left channel was dead (now with no sound at all) and I do take good care of my stuff. Something tells me these series are just plagued with issues (not all of em I know). I just bought the NWZ-S616F (black) and haven't looked back...well...sort of, I just miss the recording function along with Noise Canceling (although the last one can be solved).
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