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  1. bump... anybody? Oh and $50/obo Just offer me something.
  2. Nobody interested? $50? Seriously- I just wanna find it a good home.
  3. -Integrated Quad 1-Bit D/A Converter -11 Band Spectrum Analyzer -9 Display Patterns -Name up to 40 Discs and display their titles on compatible source unit -Detachable, fold down face -Depth is 6 1/2" -CD Frequency Response: 5-20,000 Hz -Cd Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 94dB Those are its specs and an image. I definitely have a hard plastic, padded Kenwood case for the faceplate which I'll include as well. Oh, and if you want I'd be happy to take a picture of the unit I have. I'm just at work right now so I found an image online. Let me know what you think.
  4. I'm looking to sell a Kenwood KDC-D300. It is an in-dash single cd changer that works with another kenwood head unit. I used to have it in my car along with a KMD-44 (both fit together in an import car's Double DIN opening) so that I could listen to both MiniDiscs and CDs without having a changer in the trunk or anything. In addition to playing CDs, it also has a spectrum analyzer graphic display that basically shows you a visual as your music is playing- I think there are 10 or 12 different EQ visuals to choose from. I was looking for $75 for it (I paid $229 new I'm pretty sure), but I'm definitely open to offers. It's in great condition and is definitely worthwhile if you like using both MDs and CDs in your car. Let me know if you have any questions. Oh and it ships from Boston, MA and I'll just charge you what it costs me to ship... no extra charges or anything.
  5. I have a KMD-44 minidisc player for the car. It works great and is in near mint condition. I got rid of my car and wanted to sell this seperately. $50 and it's yours. Manual here
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