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  1. Ok, I haven't used my MDLP in quite awhile. I tried to charge it on it's docking station this morning. Instead of saying "charging" on its screen, it just started making clicking sounds every 2-3 seconds. It sounded like it was trying to do something, but never did. I left it on for a long time. The unit will play, record, etc. if it's on the charging dock, but won't do anything if taken off. Do MD rechargeable batteries go dead that easily without being able to recharge? Is there some trick I could use to get it to charge? I really need help because it's not mine. I borrowed it from a friend
  2. Wow, I've got some research to do. I didn't understand alot of what you just said, lol. So, I can still connect it to a computer, I just need to get different software (which one) or this sound card thingy? Keep in mind, I'm not an expert at this technology stuff, lol.
  3. I used the port that came with my sony MZR900 which was an XITEL MD Port DG2. It's MDLP, btw. And it's not the USB port that's faulty. It's brand new. And it works just fine with other devices. It's got to be Sonicstage or the md, or the md port. The MD doesn't turn on when I plug it into the USB, btw. Does that have something to do with it?
  4. Got the last version of Sonicstage installed, got the md plugged in, device manager said that the port was working properly. Opened Sonicstage, saw nothing related to md, clicked on "music source", "import music file", then "import music folder" and never found the md files. Why won't sonicstage recognise my md port? HELP pretty please!!
  5. New MZ-R900 won't charge with the AC adaptor. I bought a brand new NH-14WM(A) for it and it still does the same thing. The "charging" icon blinks once and goes blank. I thought it was the AC adaptor (AC-MZR55), but when I plug the unit into the AC adaptor, it works like a charm. It just won't charge. I also tried it the AA battery pack and it worked except that it would only record for four minutes or so and then turn itself off. Please help. Thanks
  6. I got a MZ-R900. When I plug the unit into the wall charger with the rechargeable battery inside, and press the stop/charge button, the "charging" icon flashes only once in the screen then goes away. I left it plugged it for awhile (even though nothing was on the screen,)and nothing happened. Thinking it was the battery, I got online and bought a brand new one. It did the exact same thing. The unit works with the AA battery pack, but that means that I can't plug it into my computer to transfer files. Please help me.
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