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  1. First , my problem is i don't know what can i do in there ? Do i enter the numbers of my tracks in spaces? and , why write "removing tracks" in connect player than send tracks ? then ... any problem is there ? Becouse only there is a one track in my device. this is important its stucking in there ... waitin an hours, and hours but its notting to happend ? its stucking like i said ....What can i do in this chapter ? Thank you for your help... by the way. i am sorry for my english .. i know its bad but i hope you understand it ...one more thing , please do not kidding me because i am very recruit or new in this point ... thank you again ...
  2. There is a upgrade for about this ? Doesn't it still work ?
  3. Hi . This is first message in forum . Anyway. I can not send 4 gb file to device.Becouse My device's format is FAT32 and not support 4 gb and plus. If i can change device's file system , i make it. Can i do this ? Can i chance my device' format to NTFS from FAT32 ? I am sorry for my english .But i hope you understand.Thanks again.
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