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  1. Sorry I haven't been getting emails to follow this. When they switched to Sony Insider from Mini-disc Community forums, I haven't been getting feedback. I think Im going to hold on to it, because so many have moved to Portable Flash recorders. I won't recover what I put into it over time.
  2. No it is not like the MZ-M200 (MZ-RH1), the later model that can convert MP3's. You'll have to use Sonic Stage . I'm currently using SS 4.3 Rev 2, on Windows 7 and works fine. The microphone jack, doubles as a mic/optical input. On your optical cable, the end you plug in the player is a 3.5mm adapter. Hosa makes them, the 3.5 mm adapter. I always seem to get a really flat sound using optical. Either I transfer songs to disc , or record in real-time from the Line-in to a source for the best sound.
  3. I am looking to sell an MZ-NHF800 Hi-MD Portable Player/Recorder with /AM/FM/TV/WX remote. - SONY AC-ET307K 3vDC (120Volt/US) AC Adapter - ear-bud headphones - 5 Hi-MD discs blue - 4 SONY MD80's - Sony User Manual - Lime Sony MD Armband holder Asking $50
  4. I am using Sonic Stage 4.3 in Windows 7. But found out I could not use the 64-bit version of Windows 7. You can only use/upload Hi-MD recordings but not regular MD. I have a new computer with Windows 7 and had to put the 32-bit version of Windows 7 on, for everything to work. Windows 7 has a lot of Vista in it. Sonic Stage is supported up to Vista. But not after. You can check under Support on http:\\esupport.sony.com
  5. I've noticed a lot of the online electronic and music instrument stores have notices for the Sony MDW80 and Sony HMD1GL (Hi-MD) blanks, " This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer" or "We no longer carry this product" and sometimes directed to their Compact Flash (.wav / MP3) recorders instead. Not everywhere are they sold out but you may have to buy them soon. I put in a Search into Yahoo " blank minidisc discontinued" and surprised how many stores are no longer carrying them or come up with the word "Discontinued".
  6. The radio used to work but it does nothing pressing the button and the radio on/off button causes the remote to malfunction. I cleaned the Remote plug and it helped some with the behavior but it still isnt working right. I tried using Sonic Stage to title tracks and in the LCD window was PC-MD but in Sonic Stage it was saying "Device/ Media not connected" . I tried re-launching Sonic Stage several times and it no longer communicates with the Minidisc Player. I'd like to be able to close this thread because I'm thinking of saving for a Digital Flash recorder , something that saves WAV and MP3 directly without converting and works faster than Sonic Stage for transferring recordings. I have one disc I currently use and about 10 blanks (5- 80min) (5-Hi-MD). So its not like I have a lot of recorded stuff that I would be worried about not being able to play anymore.
  7. I did clean the remote's contacts and the plug's contacts at the moment, on the cord. It seems to be ok now. I'll use it a little more and wait and see what happens. This was helpful. Thanks.
  8. I will try cleaning , that was in the first comment and I did find a Remote at Minidisc Access the RM-MC37LT for $79 new with only AM/FM. I may consider that too. The radio isnt really important. As long as everything else works.
  9. Recently I have had a problem with my Sony MZ-NHF800 remote where, The Volume control on the remote is changing Tracks. The Display button sends it into Record mode . Titling tracks , produces other characters than you entered. Pressing the Radio button at any time does not turn the radio on and makes things worse. So thinking it was the remote I contacted the Sony North America's Depot Repair center where they want $161.95 for the remote RM-MC39LT. Almost half of what I originally paid for the entire MD unit. First I was told by customer service that the Flat fee for repair was $99.99 for entire MZ-NHF800 w/ remote for repair. Second time , $51 to send in remote , $99 to send in player. Like they wanted to charge each seperately. To me, it also seemed like Sony really wasnt interested doing anything for people that still own minidisc equipment. It may cost more to fix my MZ-NHF800, than to buy something else. Either its the Remote or some CPU inside the unit that is causing the malfunctions and their different each time No problem was the same, just random. You can notice that support and other options for MD are being discontinued or disappearing completely. Probably wont fix it.
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