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  1. www.taobao.com is only in Chinese language, so I don't recommend Oh, Urumqi...so you get it Tomorrow comes our 7-day National Holiday, I have typed a list of infomation for MD new shops in Shanghai and Nanjing...I'm in Suzhou SIP
  2. 4. Sai Bo Digi-Square, Wu Jiaochang Branch.(Chinese name: Sai Bo Shu Ma Guang Chang, Wu Jiaochang Dian) ACTUALLY there are SIX Sai Bo Digi-Squares in Shanghai, go find yourself---for fun:)
  3. 1, Mei Luo Cheng.(Chinese name) On the 3ed floor you will find Hi-Fi headphones. 2, The 3ed floor of Qu Yang Business Center (Chinese name: Qu Yang Shang Wu Zhong Xin)for earphones and headphones. 3, Two Ocean Digi-Squares(Chinese name: Tai Ping Yang Shu Ma Guang Chang) a: No.41 North Road of Cao Xi,Xu Jia Hui. (Chinese Road: No.41 Cao Xi Bei LU,Xu Jia Hui.) b:No.1117 Zhao Jia Bang Road, Xu Jia Hui. 4. Sai Bo Digi-Square, Wu Jiaochang Branch.(Chinese name: Sai Bo Shu Ma Guang Chang, Wu Jiaochang Dian) 5. Morden Elec-City for sencond hand units, (Chinese name: Xian Dai Dian Zi Cheng) Located at the cross of Xiang Yang Road and Fu Xing Lu. I'm not sure about the English Names, so the Chinese Ping Yin should be helpful. Better to go to Guang Zhou and Hong Kong.
  4. Here is one: Hai Yin Computer Center TEL: 020-83792930 FAX: 020-83794902 ADD: No.56~58 Dong Hu Xi Lu, Guang Zhou. Remember to cut prices... Good Luck! Go to Kowloon, Ya Liao Street, Mongkok, Bai Nao Hui, Feng Ze, they are all places in Hong Kong, Once ¥1200 for SONY MZ-EH1. SHARP V903SH, V904,...and other digital products. But you need the most skills to cut prices in Ya Liao Street:) You should have found in Mongkok...
  5. Seems that 2001 collection is more "professional" How do you like the 2004 collection, everybody? In China the 2004 collection's costs ¥9/piece, 74min.
  6. Do you think DS70-S is the most beautiful DS70? I do I do.
  7. I think DS8 is more beautiful than DS70, AND DS77... By the way, in China many sellers are using those pictures commercially.
  8. Have you met any recording problem of R909?
  9. yes, the red is alse beautiful, but not so cool.
  10. Nice unit, but the playback time is noy so satisfying...
  11. In China, MD fans curse MP3 units, and MP3 fans curse MD units... I like MD units, but am afraid that traditional MD units will not survive long, now In China you will see almost all people using MP3 units, and most of them don't know MiniDisc. Some MP3 units made by Chinese company are VERY CHEAP: ¥400 for 512MB, ¥600~700 for 1GB, with Radio, and colourful or OLED display. Once I took my red MD-DS70 on a bus, many surprised people stared at it; a girl asked: " Can you tell me what style of your MP3(my DS70) is?"...
  12. In Guang Zhou, the capital city of Guang Dong Province, or HONG KONG, you will find more with lower prices!
  13. MZ-E730 is made in China. In China, EH1 is available now WITH PRICES going from RMB1600 to RMB 1700 APPROXIMATELY, sent from Japan to China directly. BUT many Chinese now are very interested in old tape/cd walkman...SUCH AS EX1/2/5/7(tape), DD9(TAPE), EX808HG(TAPE),PX1000(TAPE),PXM2000(TAPE),D777(CD) e/ej-01,DPC-81(CD),D-99,D-100,D-202,D-303....
  14. 9X000

    which md deck?

    It is said Onkyo is OEMed by SHARP. Some of KENWOOD is not bad, such as Q77, T55, in my opinion. SONY IS NOT THE BEST, NO ONE is the best...
  15. I'm afraid SONY is hurried for MD market, so many new series confusing, maybe SONY itself is confused, too:)
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