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  1. I've had my MZ-NH700 for about a month now. It only cost me $150 Aus dollars (which is cheap) included in the package was a battery recharger (value $60), a little carrying case, and 5 blank minidiscs. I nearly didnt buy it because of all the moaning by users on this and other forums about Sonicstage software and difficulties uploading and downloading to computer. In the end I persisted with the purchase because I needed an excellent recorder. I figured I would buy an mp3 player for playback. However the minidisc has exceeded all my expectations and has shown off minidisc users as a bunch of gripers and moaners. Sonicstage has worked flawlessly. I find it much better than Real player and media player. Its very intuitive. You lot should feel grateful you don't have to battle with iTunes. http://www.smh.com.au/news/digital-music/a...9337267409.html. Atrac3Plus is absolutely amazing. The quality of sound at 64kbps is fantastic. The file size of a typical song is about 1.7M which is half the size of an equivalent mp3. The moaners on this site tried to say that Sony was being misleading in saying that 47 hours of music could fit on a 1 gig disk and that the quality would be virtually unlistenable. Boy have they proved to be wrong. I have concluded that most of these moaners are people who want to rip off music from the Internet and play it through their sound system. In other words they are using Atrac3, minidisc and Sonicstage for something which it is not designed to do. Use it properly and fairly and it is a marvellous device. Thumbs up Sony for providing us with a great technology and thumbs down minidisc users for the many hateful words I have read directed at Sony (not always on this forum)
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