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  1. Hi I'm looking to upgrade my MDS-JB930, UK edition, for a JB940. I see some are sold without the UK SE label. Has anybody established whether the so called UK special tuning makes any practical difference? Cheers richjenn
  2. Hi, I have a JB930 deck and a MZ n710 portable. The JB930 is a superb deck, but I am ending up using my MZN 710 for recording often because a) it has MDLP2, AND it can be set to auto track mark at adjustable 1 to 5 minute intervals - infinintely more useful than the dB threshold LSync facility. Is there (are there) any decks, if possible JB 930 quality or better, that combine these functions, does anyone know? Thanks!! richjenn13 (beginner)
  3. Thanks to all. I have to admit I'm STILL not clear (pretty dense on occassions!) What I'm trying to ascertain is whether a music file encoded on a PC using ATRAC3 is going to be any different audibly from recording music straight on to a MDnet recorder in LP mode (using digital input, off a CD player), or whether all that Sonic Stage is doing is allowing you to compile and label more easily(!?)but encoding the music in exactly the same way that a MDLP recorder does? Sony are completely vague about this (no surprise there.) Yes, I agree, LP4 doesn't sound very good! - I was hoping that somehow Sonic Stage had found a cleverer way of encoding that sounded better...... Hmmm... Bit like a perpetual motion machine - great idea, somewhat difficult in practice. Cheers! richjenn13
  4. Hi, I'm struggling with Sonic Stage, and wondering whether the audible result of Atrac files is going to be superior to just making recordings in LP4, and by-passing the PC altogether? Anyone done any comparisons? Cheers Richjenn13
  5. Thanks Bob. PS Love the Citroen - are you running it out there? I'm having a love /hate relastionship with a BX TZD - not the same class as a DS of course, but similarly loveable/drive you mad! Cheers Richard Thanks Syrius - will give it a go! Cheers Richard
  6. Hi I have an MZ-N710 which I'm delighted with as a player. Just trying to start using Net MD. I have lost the Sonic Stage 1.5 CD that came with the unit. Downloaded versio n4.2 from Sony website. Can only get that software to offer me options to burn CDs - I want to "checkout" music to my MZ-N710. Am I doing something obviously stupid, or is this the wrong version of Sonic Stage for that task? Sony, as always, don't make it easy, or reply to mail. Thanks v much Richjenn13
  7. As so often, Sony's portables are better featured than their hi-fi decks in some ways! My portable (MZ-710) allows me to set auto track marking on record by the minute, or minutes, on analogue - ideal for radio broadcasts. On my JB 930, and other hi fi decks I've tried/investigated, you can only set auto track marking by dB level - effectively useless in my experience. You either get hundreds of second long tracks, or one long track. Does anyone know if there is a hi-fi unit/units that have auto track marking by time? I love the keyboard input on the 930, and its general quality feel - a million miles from the 330 I had, and the general run of Sony's sub £300 decks. Cheers! Richjenn13
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