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  1. I've just bought a MZ-NH600 and Ive realised that the display does not have a back light. is this because it doesnt exist in this model, or is there some function that i need to switch on to make the backlight go? Ive looked in the manual but it doesnt say anything about a back light so i suspect there is not one.....
  2. mil

    Hi-SP vs Hi-LP

    Okay, cheers for all that, i have got a few audio books, so sounds like it won't make much difference if i record them using Hi-LP, but for the rest ill just stick to Hi-sp
  3. mil

    Hi-SP vs Hi-LP

    I just bought my first HiMD player a few days ago. So far i have recorded a couple of disks. all the recording i have done so far is in Hi-SP mode. this means that i can fit about 8 hrs of music on one disk. In the manual it says if i switch to Hi-LP mode i can record 34 hrs of music. can anyone tell me if there is much difference in quality between Hi-LP mode and Hi-SP mode. thanks in advance!
  4. Hi i'm thinking about buying my first minidisc player but i really don't know much about themAnd have just got a few questions. I would like one that uses Hi-MD, and one that is able to record live music as well as play. sony mzrh10 seems to fit the bill, does anyone have any other suggestions? Also does anyone know if you are able to record audio books or CDs for learning languages onto MD? thanks in advance for any advice
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